can mostly walking and riding my

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Happy Canada  Day [0] to my  fellow Canucks. I've been  enjoying the
can -  mostly walking and riding  my bike. We're lucky  enough to be
t's mainly sidewalk, which is convenient.

trip to  New Brunswick. We've  never been  to the Atlantic  coast of
Canada, so I'm excited to make  that happen finally.  St.  John's is
about a 10-hour drive for us, so we'll break it up with some camping
along the way and get a nice week off together.

that way is a nice change from the default consumer state nowadays.

My son  is in the 5e  D&D group, but  likes to play Magic  (the card
beginners, but  one of the guys  in the D&D group  is an experienced
than I imagined,  just due to the sheer variety  of cards available,
and there's quite a lot of strategy involved.

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