social and discusses blocking large

Found at: republic.circumlunar.space:70/~slugmax/phlog/2019-04-20-various-responses-sol-oldfolio-jynx

Sol  over  at the  Zaibatsu  [0]  talks  about  social media  as  an
anti-social  influence, and  discusses blocking  large swaths  of IP
article I  read a  while back,  about a woman  who wanted  to remove
nternet. Loading it in a recent version of Firefox with uMatrix and
Better  Privacy reveals  the site  loading content  from 54  outside
lynx). She enlisted  the help of a  friend who did just  that with a
VPN - blocking  the millions of IPs owned by  google. What she found
context of  modern life.  Think  about google fonts, maps  and cloud
that  means online  shopping won't  work, or  maybe even  our online

Speaking of the  latter, my own bank recently made  changes to their
online portal so that my  usual, mid-privacy firefox setup (standard
ad  blockers plus  a  tab container  dedicated  to banking)  stopped
allowing  login. Viewing  the  console during  the  login page  load

Here at the  Republic, oldfolio talks about using  older browsers to
un-branded Firefox v3 (Iceweasel), still with native gopher support.
For SSH console use and browsing gopher, it is an ideal solution.

modern  popular  (western)  society,  politics and  modern  life  in
level. In  my case  my family  and I  decided a  life change  was in
order, and  the move to  Canada three years  ago worked out  for us.
Canada is in some ways a US-lite, in other ways far more invested in
ts citizens well-being than  I think the US ever will  be. But on a
nation-state  scale, it's  hard to  see  how the  impetus to  change
things enough before a major societal collapse happens is possible.

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