years on one certainly possible to

Found at: republic.circumlunar.space:70/~slugmax/phlog/2019-03-08-phlog-revamp-resp-solderpunk

years on one page. It's certainly possible to to this and preserve
the original links, since the gophermap gives you one level of
ndirection (except for slerm links, which I would just leave online
after converting).

Also, when I go back and view my phlog archives at SDF [1], I see
that from 2009 to 2018 (when I moved it to circumlunar.space) I only
averaged about one post a month. We're talking a tiny-sized
modern website, and as logout notes having meaningful selectors
alleviates the need to manage post summaries in your gophermap,
nterest you.

This also appeals to me as it encourages simple, deliberate
file. If you phlog infrequently this can be done manually, but it is
the basis for the mkgopherentry and my own phlogit [4] tools, the
latter I still use for my French language phlog [5], which I note
certainly be managed manually.

Solderpunk had some interesting thoughts on gopher [6]. I am of
course 100% behind SSL-enabled gopher sites. The alternative is the
all. I've seen some people advocate using port 7070 for SSL/gopher,
and some port 7443, I would only add that it would be better for
from being able to run their own servers, especially if using a
TOFU-based system. There are plenty of unassigned, privileged port
numbers available for this.

As far as text formatting, I am ambivalent. I don't feel the need
use of _underscores_ or *asterisks* for emphasis, and of course the
now-ubiquitous bracketed link references. That said I don't think
adding a selector for such a markup hurts anything and it can be

The third change sounds just like a scheme to interpret mime-types,
or otherwise examine the content of a file to determine how to
complexity, it's harder for the client to fallback to a default that
makes sense if they don't know the selector - should they display
text, or treat the item as binary data? I just don't see a way to

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