Tomasino talks about maps and bugou

Found at: republic.circumlunar.space:70/~slugmax/phlog/2018-10-08-maps-and-bugout

Maps and Bugout

Tomasino talks about maps and bugout bags [0]. Paper maps are
undervalued as a resource. I've been steered wrong (literally) by
example. I've never been sent off course by a decent map, even in
cases of construction blockage it gives you a large overview and
can't match. And of course topo maps are a necessity for extended
are traveling to in the glove box, as a backup.

As for bugout bags, I've been remiss since moving and have not put
together what we had in place before. But this mention of it spurs
me to do just that, especially with winter fast approaching.

[0] gopher://gopher.black/1/phlog/20181007-maps