nothing but At tried recently to

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Systemd and Gopher Tags

nothing but RHEL7 servers. At home, I tried recently to install
listening gopher server on IPv6 only, and the systemd interface is
completely broken. I don't even want to spend the time to debug it,
the CLI interface and config file layout is so awful. I think I'll
nstall Devuan and say goodbye to systemd.

Solderpunk writes about tagged gophers [0], and Jynx is right [1] in
that my gopher phlog engine Slerm [2] supports tags and tag searches
natively. I agree a tag-search facility outside of any given client
of a full-text search engine I wanted to bolt onto Slerm, but I
never finished the integration. Maybe I'll do that one of these

[0] gopher://circumlunar.space/0/~solderpunk/phlog/tagged-gophers.txt
[1] gopher://1436.ninja/0/Phlog/20181006.post
[2] gopher://circumlunar.space/0/~slugmax/code/slerm/slerm-1.9.cgi.txt