Today is Canada the day on

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Today is Canada Day, the day on which Canadians nominally
celebrate the Canadian Confederation. I just learned about the
enormous impact the Catholic Church had on Quebec 1867

The Catholic Church wanted the provice (then Lower Canada) to
mportant to remember that the government allowed the Church to
effectively control education in Quebec until the 1960s, and the
Church used this control to ensure its continued
nfluence^Wdominance over all spheres of society.

To influence the (public) vote, the Church issued six pastoral
letters (read weekly at mass) commanding its members to vote for
confederation. More importantly, the Church decreed that voting
against confederation would be a *mortal sin*, i.e., that it
from granting absolutions for voting the wrong way. Amusingly,
ncluding murder. Just not voting against joining Canada.