One of its features is that

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One of its features is that it can dynamically assign addresses
on the internal network to clients, and clients can assign these
addresses and routes to interfaces. However, these interfaces
must exist before iked can start. Some months ago I switched my
Debian laptop's configuration from the traditional ifupdown to
nstall addresses, but also not interfere with iked by trying to
manage these interfaces. Here is my working configuration.

First, I have systemd create the interface dummy1 by creating a


Then I tell systemd not to manage this interface by creating a


Restarting systemd-networkd causes these interfaces to get
created, and we can then check their status using

    $ systemctl restart systemd-networkd.service
    $ networkctl
      1 lo       loopback carrier     unmanaged
      2 enp2s0f0 ether    off         unmanaged
      3 enp5s0   ether    off         unmanaged
      4 dummy1   ether    degraded    configuring
      5 dummy3   ether    degraded    configuring
      6 sit0     sit      off         unmanaged
      8 wlp3s0   wlan     routable    configured
      9 he-ipv6  sit      routable    configured

    8 links listed.

Finally, I configure my flows in /etc/iked.conf, making sure
to assign the received address to the interface dummy1:

    ikev2 'hades' active esp \
            from dynamic to \
            peer hades.rak.ac \
            srcid '/CN=asteria.rak.ac' \
            dstid '/CN=hades.rak.ac' \
            request address \
            iface dummy1

Restarting openiked and checking the status of the interface
network and that it is routable:

    $ systemctl restart openiked.service
    $ networkctl status dummy1
    ‚óŹ 4: dummy1
                         Link File: /usr/lib/systemd/network/99-default.link
                      Network File: /etc/systemd/network/20-dummy1.network
                              Type: ether
                              Kind: dummy
                             State: routable (configured)
                      Online state: online
                            Driver: dummy
                  Hardware Address: 22:50:5f:98:a1:a9
                               MTU: 1500
                             QDisc: noqueue
      IPv6 Address Generation Mode: eui64
              Queue Length (Tx/Rx): 1/1
                     Route Domains: .
                 Activation Policy: up
               Required For Online: yes
                 DHCP6 Client DUID: DUID-EN/Vendor:0000ab11aafa4f02d6ac68d40000

to configure this under systemd.