been examining and questioning my v

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been examining and questioning my various beliefs about it. I
always find it easier to think with an exobrain (be it pen/paper
or typed notes), so I've been writing down my questions as they
come to mind. In some cases, I am questioning what seems obvious.
asking questions from a viewpoint with which I disagree.


   deserts, informally, this seems to mean treating people
   positively if they deserve it, negatively if they deserve it,
   etc. But what treatments does this encompass, concretely? All
   positive and negative treatments? How do you go from
   "deserts" to the appropriate treatment?
   it life-furthering or value protecting? And symmetrically for
   positive treatmenet? Are their effects purely
   psychological/motivational on the other person?
   negatively harm innocent people? (For example, incarcerating
   a murderous father or firing a lazy parent.)
   about precautionary principles?


   relationship between judgment and desert?
   deserve different things depending on their role in your
   life. How do relationships factor into desert, explicitly?


   standards vary depending on the context? How do you determine
   the standards? What does it mean to have an objective
   standard? An objective moral standard? A subjective standard?
   someone affect the standard you use to evaluate them and
   their actions or factor into your judgment?
   beliefs? Is one more imoprtant than the other? Do a person's
   beliefs matter if they do not act on them?
   forming it, and as a factor in forming a judgment. Can you
   judge someone positively or negatively for factors outside of
   their control? (What could "factors outside of their control"
   them? Are they mitigating factors?
   justly (i.e., according to their just deserts), how promptly
   must you form a judgment of someone after they have hurt you?
   If the thought of someone or of their actions is too painful
   to contemplate, is it appropriate to postpone judgment until
   one can fairly evaluate the person or their actions? If so,
   how should one treat the person meanwhile?


   someone just change their characteristic mode of behaviour on
   a whim?
   does not have free will? Would you need to judge such a
   dependent on free will?
   actions inform your determination of their character?


   to be forgiven. What does this mean, concretely? How do you
   "deserve" to be forgiven?
   forgiveness? How do you determine if it is earned or