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2021-10-28: Hot Tears                                        rak

I have been listening to a lot of Leif Vollebekk lately. I first
discovered him on WYEP in fall 2019 and remember listening to
his album "New Ways" on repeat that fall. I rediscovered him a
month or so ago and have been listening to him daily since.

New Ways is still my favourite of his albums: its tracks form an
integrated whole and smoothly transition across a spectrum of
styles. Musically, I am reminded of tightly written prose:
everything serves a purpose, everything superfluous has been cut

I was listening to Hot Tears just now, and I was struck by the
imagery of the following lyric:

    Eyes looking away 'til they bled the blues

You can get the album on Bandcamp [0].

[0] https://leifvollebekk.bandcamp.com/album/new-ways