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September 22, 2019

I have been thinking about the privacy discussion between
slugmax [1,2] and SDF's fallingknife [3]. I am hoping to
reflect more on that discussion in the future, but for now
I am simply curious what other people do for email. Do you
use gmail? Do you run your own mail server? Do you use an
email hosting service, such as Fastmail or Runbox? I am also
curious about what leads people to adopt one option over
others. Why did you end up going with Runbox or decide to
embrace the constant attention that running your own mail
server requires?

[1] gopher://republic.circumlunar.space:70/0/~slugmax/phlog/2019-08-14-privacy-is-dead
[2] gopher://republic.circumlunar.space:70/0/~slugmax/phlog/2019-08-22-privacy-replies
[3] gopher://sdf.org/0/users/fallingknife/phlog/20190815-privacy-is-nearly-dead.txt