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   U1FFF -- The 1st Unix 1-liner Five Fridays Funfair

The Unix Wizardry Trustworthy Fellowship is honoured to invite you to

   U1FFF -- The 1st Unix 1-liner Five Fridays Funfair

As the name says, this is a Funfair:

    |From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006): 
    | funfair:
    |         ......
    |        2: a traveling show; having sideshows and rides and games of
    |         skill etc. [syn: {carnival}, {fair}, {funfair}]

dedicated to Unix CLI one-liners. Beware: this is a Funfair. *not* a
contest, so there are *no* winners and *no* rankings.  After all, how
would you compare a fortune-teller, a roller-coaster, and a Hit-the-Bell

Folks take part to Funfairs just for the fun of it, to show their own
games of skill to their peers, and to see what kind of smart tricks
other folks can conjure. 

Anybody can take part to U1FFF by following the few rules below. In 
short: send your original Unix CLI one-liners to: 
  *** Fri 16 Oct 2020 12:15:47 AM UTC (Unix time 1602807347) ***
  *** Fri 13 Nov 2020 11:27:13 PM UTC (Unix time 1605310033) ***

More info at:


Happy Hacking

The Unix Wizardry Trustworthy Fellowship
(a.k.a., Unix WTF)


0. This is the 1st U1FFF: The Unix 1-liner Five Fridays Funfair. This
   is a Funfair, not a contest, focused on Unix CLI one-liners.
1. A one-liner is a Unix text command, or a pipeline, or a sequence of 
   Unix commands, that does something on a stream of bytes given as
   input, and produces a stream of bytes as output. A one-liner should
   be no longer than 128 bytes, and should only consist of commands 
   normally found in a unix-like system.

2. Anyone can take part to the Funfair by submitting a Unix CLI
   one-liner that does something useful, funny, stupid, or meaningless,
   and does it in an original, elegant, funny, intelligent, stupid, 
   efficient, inefficient, or otherwise interesting way.

3. To take part to the U1FFF just send your one-liner(s) via email to 
    (use "U1FFF" as Subject), including a short
   explanation of your one-liner, one example of its use, and whether
   you want your entry to be attributed to you or to the "Anonymous Unix 
   Wizard". Multiple entries by the same author are allowed and
   encouraged. All the entries are intended to be released in the
   public domain.

4. As the name says, entries to the Funfair are accepted for a time slot
   that includes five Fridays between

      *** Fri 16 Oct 2020 12:15:47 AM UTC (Unix time 1602807347) ***


      *** Fri 13 Nov 2020 11:27:13 PM UTC (Unix time 1605310033) ***

  both included. This amounts to about 28.9662731481481... days.

5. We are looking for *original* one-liners, so please avoid recycling
   someone else's code snippets that you have found in the interwebs. 

6. The only prize is the joy and pride to share cool Unix one-liners
   with other folks, and it will be evenly distributed among all the

7. All the entries to the U1FFF will indefinitely be accessible at:

   Entries will be published on a rolling basis, as they come in.