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Title       : 	EasyConverter
Author      : 	Remy van Elst
Date        : 	23-12-2009
URL         : 	https://raymii.org/s/software/Easyconverter.html
Format      : 	Markdown/HTML
### Introduction
This is a Zentiy dialog script wrapper around ffmpeg. It was written for my
father who wanted to convert FLAC and OGG files to MP3 for his media player.

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Features in v4:
  * Extension select before folder.
  * Filter on extension
  * Check if files exist in folder.
  * Added .flv to input format (Youtube ripped videos)
  * Added .aac to input/output format
  * Quality selector for ffmpeg
  * Removed folder check.
  * Added nautilus open when converting finished. 
Note that you'll need zenity and ffmpeg:
    sudo apt-get install zenity ffmpeg 
### Script
    ##   Script made by Raymii.org    ##
    # V0.4 new features:
    # Extension select before folder.
    # Filter on extension
    # Check if files exist in folder.
    # Added .flv to input format
    # Added .aac to input/output format
    # Quality selector for ffmpeg
    # removed folder check.
    # added nautilus open when converting finished.
    # fixed the ogg big files problem, thanks http://identi.ca/habtool and http://identi.ca/lesp
    padself=`pwd`/`basename $0`
    function catch_errors() {
       zenity --question --text="There is something wrong. Do you want to quit or restart the app?" --cancel-label="Quit" --ok-label="Restart";
       [ "$?" = "0" ] &&&& ( bash -c $padself && );
       exit 0;
    function func_error2() {
        echo `date +%h:%m:%s`
    trap catch_errors ERR;
    titel="EasyConverter v0.4g"
    zenity --info --text="Hi, I'm **$titel** nI will help you with converting files to another format. n nIn the next window, please select the format of the files. After that please select the folder which has the audio files." --title="$titel"
    vanform=$(zenity  --list --title="Select a file extension" --height=270 --text "Which filetype do you want to convert?" --radiolist  --column "Choose" --column "Original Format" TRUE flac FALSE ogg FALSE wav FALSE mp3 FALSE aac FALSE flv);
    mapvraag=$(zenity --file-selection --directory --title="Please select a folder with $vanform files." --file-filter="*.$vanform" );
    pushd "$mapvraag"
    for f in ./*.$vanform; do
            test -f "$f" || continue
            echo "$f bestaat, mooi zo.";
    if [ $FGOED == 1 ]; then
        zenity --error --text="Oops, the filetype you selected is not found in the folder you selected. nPlease try again." --title="$titel";
        return 1;
    formaat=$(zenity  --list --height=270 --text "And what should they become?" --radiolist  --column "Choose" --column "Converted Format" TRUE mp3 FALSE ogg FALSE wav FALSE flac FALSE aac);
    if [ $vanform = $formaat ]; then
        zenity --error --text="You choose the same input and output format nI can't convert the files if you do that. nLets restart." --title="$titel"
        return 1;
    if [ $formaat == "ogg" ]; then
        opts="-acodec libvorbis";
    KBs=$(zenity  --list --height=380 --text "What output quality you want me to tell ffmpeg?n*64k*: nSmall filesnLow quality n*320k*: nBig filesnHigh quality." --radiolist  --column "Choose" --column "kbps" TRUE 64 FALSE 96 FALSE 128 FALSE 192 FALSE 256 FALSE 320);
    finalcheck=$(zenity --question --cancel-label="Don't" --ok-label="Lets Rock Baby!" --text="We're going to convert all files in: **$mapvraag** to ***$formaat*** at ***$KBs** kb/s*. Last check, Do or Don't?" --title="$titel")
    trap func_error2 ERR;
    pushd "$mapvraag"
    for i in *.$vanform; do
            mkdir -p "$mapvraag/converted/$formaat/"
            ffmpeg -y -i "$i" -ab $KBs"k" $opts "$mapvraag/converted/$formaat/$i.$formaat" 2>&&1 | zenity --progress --text="Converting: **$i** from **$vanform** to **$formaat** at **$KBs** kb/s" --title="$titel" --auto-close --pulsate
            echo $i gedaan
    zenity --question --cancel-label="Nope, just quit." --ok-label="Yes, open it." --text="Done! nI've saved the converted files in this folder: **$mapvraag/converted/$formaat**. n nWould you like me to try and open Nautilus in the output folder? n n nThis little script is made by: **Raymii.org**." --title="$titel";
    [ "$?" = "0" ] &&&& nautilus --no-desktop "./converted/$formaat";
    echo Done
[Thanks to Andrew from webupd8 for posting it on http://webupd8.org][6]
   [1]: https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=7435ae6b8212
   [2]: https://raymii.org/s/inc/img/easyconverter/easyconv1.png
   [3]: https://raymii.org/s/inc/img/easyconverter/easyconv2.png
   [4]: https://raymii.org/s/inc/img/easyconverter/easyconv3.png
   [5]: https://raymii.org/s/inc/img/easyconverter/easyconv4.png
   [6]: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/zenity-ffmpeg-bash-script-to-convert.html
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