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Welcome to Gophernicus!
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Resist the dazzling spectacle of mainstream social and news media.
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\ V  V / elcome to rawtext.club, an experimental community for
 \_/\_/  socializing, digital skill building, and collaboration
         through the medium of the GNU/Linux shell.
RTC is a non-profit, do-it-yourself social network that uses a
smaller, simpler, user-built toolkit. We are proudly the polar
opposite of the big, exploitative, corporate-owned social media
mega-sites. Not cool. Not easy. Not big. rawtext.club is what you
make it. The point is that you can do a LOT using very minimal
resources by stringing together command line tricks on a Linux
          _             _
__ ____ _| |_  _ ___ __(_)
\ V / _` | | || / -_|_-/_
OFF THE WEB. While users can publish webpages and gopher content
here, the life of the party is on the command line where you
control who sees your content and how long your content lives.
Nothing is indexed by search engines on the command line, so it's
more like socializing with other humans offline.
DO-IT-YOURSELF. The GNU/Linux environment makes it easy to build
your own tools, and many of the tools for social interaction on
rawtext.club are made by users here or from other similar systems.
It's more fun when you can access and tinker with the source code.
RESOURCE MINIMALISM. rawtext.club runs on a tiny cloud-based VPS
with 1 GB of memory and a 25 GB disk. A desktop with these specs
would choke on many modern websites, but we're able to run a whole
digital social club off it because we use text-based interfaces.
NON-PROFIT. No membership fee, no ads, and nobody tracking your
online movements to sell data about you. Rather, you pay to be a
member of rawtext.club by being an active community member -- make
neat things, test out what others have made, and teach others what
you know. You can't buy a community like this. Read RTC's social
contract statement[1] for further explanation of why this is
important to us.
ASYNCHRONOUS. Unlike IRC and other instant message tools, much of
the interaction on rawtext.club is asynchronous. Check out what
others are doing or saying, think about it a while, and respond
when you want to. No rush. This is the slow[2] social network after
[1] gopher://rawtext.club/0/social_contract
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow_movement_(culture)
Direct questions, comments, smart remarks or to: admin AT
To join, send an email to cmccabe AT rawtext.club with a note that
you read this on gopher, and a brief line about why you want to

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