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Found at: mozz.us:70/ccso

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               -[CCSO Nameserver Resources]-
The CCSO nameserver was an early form of database search on the
Internet. In its most common form, it was used as an electronic
"Phone Book" to lookup information such as telephone numbers and
email addresses. Today, this service has largely been replaced by
LDAP. It was used mainly in the early-to-middle 1990s.
All of the nameservers in the world (that we know of)

Master List of CCSO Nameservers

A reference CCSO server hosted here, running qi version 3.1b7

cso://mozz.us:105 mozz.us:105/

CCSO's plaintext protocol works with a wide range of clients

Connecting to CCSO with Ph

Connecting to CCSO with Lynx

Connecting to CCSO with Telnet

Connecting to CCSO with Python

Guides, specifications, references

CCSO Information Hub

CCSO Gopherpedia Entry

The source code for the original nameserver (qi) and client (ph)

Qi/Ph Source files

How to run your own nameserver in a Docker Container

Setting up CCSO with Docker (Github)

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