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This is an unsorted collection of links that may be interesting to
other gopher users. Mostly, it serves as an alternate place for me
to store my bookmarks in a more "permanent" location. Bon Appetit!

A Complete Taxonomy of Internet Chum

Those "From the Web" picture ads at the bottom of news articles

Making a Game Boy game in 2017 Post-Mortem

Sheep it up!

A Failed Effort to Get Paid for an Open Source Project

A quick blog post about a little open source project on github

Website Obesity

Talk on web bloat; the page itself has a wonderful html/css layout

The struggles of an open source maintainer

Reflections on OSS development from the author of Redis

Rex Paint

An ASCII art editor program for Windows

ASCII Patrol

A beautiful and complex VT-100 terminal moon control game

Internet Publishing Handbook: Chapter 3

A whole book chapter on publishing gopher and gopher+ content (1995)

The TTY demystified (2008)

Informative article about how terminals work in Linux

Text-only websites

Nice little list of no-frills text centric websites

Free Stock Images

Massive collection of free stock media

58 bytes of css to look great nearly everywhere

Blog post on minimal CSS

jott - telnet_writeup

Blog post on creating a telnet "application" from scratch

Little Gopher Client

A nice little cross-platform GUI gopher client

Web Design in 4 minutes

A neat interactive example of web design


A telnet wrapper around my Reddit Terminal Viewer (RTV) application

JavaPH Help

An old help page for JavaPH, a CSO Nameserver client

The Mud Connector

An index of active MUD communities

Favourite ASCII art

A collection of ASCII art screenshots, with links to other resources


ASCII art files and VT-100 animations


Amazing collection of ASCII p0rn and other old-school stuff

Commons Host

A Gopher-over-HTTPS web proxy

Joan Stark's ASCII art gallery

An internet archive copy of an old Geocities page

JumpJet Networking Programs

Old networking software downloads

Motherfucking Website

Example of minimalist web design

Better Motherfucking Website

Better example of minimalist web design
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