At home alone juli This weekend

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At home alone
juli 03rd, 2022
This weekend I'm at home alone. And this does not happen very often.  My
wife and son have  both summer holidays and went to  our cabin two hours
from here.  My daughter  is staying  at a scout  camp in  western Norway
(with a whole week of rain according  to the forecast).  But I will have
to  work  next week  which  ment  that could  not  attend  any of  these
Yesterday went to  neccessary errands, like shooping, cleaning  a car we
borrowed the  last couple of  weeks, making  some firewood for  the next
winter and  cleaning up  the garage  and making space  for our  new car.
With the gas prizes skyrocketing, we  decided to go all-electric, so our
main car is now an VW ID.4. Our eletricity bills are quite high as well,
so  I  really  regret  that  I did  not  put  my  solar-roof-plans  into
practice. Anyway, the new car seems  great so far. If everything goes as
planned, we'll  be on  a road  trip though Denmark  and Germany  for two
weeks soon.
I'm not used to  be alone at all, not even our two  dogs are here. Today
it's raining outside,  so I'm listening to jazz on  the radio and trying
to keep up with gopher and gemini. And do some more hacking on ncgopher.
There should be more days like this ;-)


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