Happy New januar Maybe bit but

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Happy New Year!
januar 24th, 2021
Maybe a bit late, but I wish you all a Happy New Year!
I've had plans for  a new phlog post for ages, but most  of the time I
was running on  low energy after work, so I  didn't get anything done.
But here we are.
2020 has  been quite a  tough year, both  because of the  pandemic but
also personally. I've now spent 9 months working from home, but I feel
grateful for still having my job.  But of course, I miss my collegues,
the daily discussions in our kitchen at work, and my desk.
This year, I have a new strategy for my New Year's resolutions: I have
so  many  that I'm  doomed  to  succeed with  at  least  one of  them.
Statistics on my side!  I'm not going to list all of  them, but so far
I've succeeded  in cutting  out caffeine  (I drink  loads of  herb tea
instead), and  I've also cut  out sugar. This is  going to be  a tough
one, but so far I'm doing well.  In addition, I have plans to eat more
vegetarian meals  than before, and  that is  also working out  fine so
Other than  that, I  hope to have  more energy for  my hobbies  in the
future! More phlog posts, more gemini posts, more blog posts. You name
I wish you all the best for 2021!


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