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Christmas Retro Gaming
desember 31st, 2019
It's  been a  while since  I last  posted here.   Having two
children,  the months  before  Christmas  often become  very
busy, and I also had some  busy weeks at work. So nothing is
better than a few days off. We spend a couple of days at our
cabin and came back home on  friday. Today, we drove back to
the  cabin again  to celebrate  New Years  Day far  off from
civilization.   That is,  not further  away then  to have  a
lousy, but still quite stable internet connection.
Last year,  I bought  an old  Nintendo Gameboy,  the DMG-01.
Partly,  because I  never owned  one  back in  the 90s.   My
parents didn't want  me to spend my spare  time with playing
games, so  no C64, no Gameboy,  no consoles.  As a  result I
learned BASIC,  and later Pascal  and Assembly on  CP/M, and
started writing  my own games on  an Amstrad CPC 464  when I
was 8 years old.  Kind of an  early stard for my career as a
programmer. The other reason for  buying a Gameboy was my 10
year  old son's  interest  in retro  gaming.  Right after  I
bought  the   device,  the   Gameboy  celebrated   its  30th
anniversary, resulting in rised prices for games.
Here are the games I bought in 2019:
 * Tetris
 * Donkey Kong
 * Wario Land 3
 * Lemmings
 * Mario & Yoshi
 * Dr. Franken
And on a combined cartrige:
 * Alley way
 * Bomber Boy
 * Tennis
 * Bust a Move 2
 * Ninja Turtle 2
 * Dr. Mario
Over the past days, I ordered more games on Ebay and Finn.no
(The Norwegian answer to craigslist). Some of them are still
on its way:
 * F1 Race
 * Killer Instinct
 * WWF Superstars
 * The Hunt for Red October
 * Ms Pacman
 * Pinball: Revenge of the Gator
 * Kung Fu Master
The Gameboy's battery life is exceptional compared to todays
mobile  phones and  playing  devices. But  my son  complains
about the  display without  backlight.  It  seems to  be the
Gameboy's  biggest advantage  (more battery  life) and  dis-
advantage (almost  impossible to see with  bad lighting). So
my plan is to buy another DMG-01 and modify the display with
a backlight.  I  haven't ordered the parts yet,  but it does
not seem  to be difficult.   With two Gameboys, we  also can
play together with a link cable (DMG-04).
My son also has an old NES (the European PAL model).  That's
where things went wrong this  Christmas. I ordered some more
NES games on Ebay:
 * Mission Impossible
 * California Games
 * 1942
But, sadly, I  did not check the region for  these games. It
turned out these where NTSC-cartidges, hence  the price (PAL
games are usually much more expensive). But, internet to the
rescue:  I found  a page  that describes  how to  bypass the
region check on a PAL NES [1]. It requires only two wires to
be soldered to the NES, so the mod is reversible. I have not
yet  modified the  NES, but  this will  be one  of my  first
projects of 2020. It's always good to have a plan.
Nevertheless, we  had a great  time playing these  old games
this Christmas!  I'm looking forward  to play more  games in
2020. Happy New Year to everybody on Gopherspace!
[1] https://aaltomies.wordpress.com/2014/12/26/pal-nes-region-free-mod-without-tampering-with-cic-chip-leg/


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