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   Welcome to Gopherproject.org!
You are entering the gopherspace. All visitors are welcome to come here,
settle down and become an inhabitant of the gopherspace.
Here is a little introduction for you newcomers:

Getting started with gopher. (floodgap)

Why is Gopher relevant?

Bitreich is working on a documentation of how gopher is used today:

Gopher Protocol Extension Project

The fast links to get further in gopherspace:

The Gopher Lawn (categorized links)

Search the gopherspace using Quarry

Search the gopherspace using Veronica II

Search using contrition (forthworks)

Aggregator of phlog activity on gopherspace. (gopher.black)

Common centers of gopher activity:





Do you want to meet the community?

Join #gopherproject on libera.chat.

Discuss with us at gopher-project@other.debian.org

Do you want to settle down in gopherspace?

Ask the nice people at sdf.org for a gopherhole.

Or setup your own gopher server. Just ask the community for how to.