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Usenet Oldnews Copyright © Notice
   This archive of Usenet News articles represents the resources and
   energy of many people. Therefore, it is under compilation copyright ©
   by Bruce Jones, Henry Spencer, and David Wiseman, (and the
   Universities of California, Toronto, and Western Ontario). The
   articles contained herein may be copied and distributed freely,
   1. There is no money collected for the text(s) of the articles.
   2. The following notice is appended to each article:
   The Usenet Oldnews Archive: Compilation Copyright© 1981, 1996
   Bruce Jones, Henry Spencer, David Wiseman.
  The History of the Usenet Oldnews Archive
   The Oldnews Usenet News Archive was originally compiled on 144
   nine-track mag tapes by Henry Spencer, [1]hspencer@zoo.toronto.edu, at
   the University of Toronto, Department of Zoology. Those tapes were
   borrowed by David Wiseman, [2]magi@csd.uwo.ca of the University of
   Western Ontario's Computer Science Department in late 1991.
   In June of 1992, Bruce Jones traveled to UWO and spent the better part
   of two weeks and the patience of many UWO folks, scraping the bits off
   those tapes and getting the files onto disk.
    Special Notes of Thanks
   To Henry Spencer, for having the forsight to archive Usenet in the
   first place, and for graciously making his tapes available to David
   Wiseman and myself.
   To David and Cheryl Wiseman, for their hospitality during the two
   weeks of my stay in London.
   To Lance Bailey for the use of his VAX, his 9-track drive, and a 300mb
   drive that looked, sounded, and danced like an out-of-balance washing
   machine, but held the bits just fine.
    The World Wide Web iteration of the Usenet Oldnews Archive
   Created by Bruce Jones
   Department of Communication
   University of California, San Diego
   9500 Gilman Drive
   La Jolla, Ca. 92093-0503
   (619) 534-0417/4410
   FAX (619) 534-7315
   Communication at UCSD:
   Bruce Jones:
   1. mailto:hspencer@zoo.toronto.edu
   2. file://localhost/home/jgoerzen/data/usenet-gopher2/magi@csd.uwo.ca
   3. file://localhost/home/jgoerzen/data/usenet-gopher2/bjones@ucsd.edu
   4. http://communication.ucsd.edu/index.html
   5. http://communication.ucsd.edu/bjones/index.html