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Sat Sep 12 21:21:12 1981
Mail updates..
I have made several more updates to the Mail program::
   1) The pipe option is now:
	pipe  <MSG LIST>  [cmd[&]]
	|     <MSG LIST>  [cmd[&]]
	     The & is as in the shell, background the receiving command.
	     if cmd is not specified, the variable cmd value is used.
		 (Thus one can set   cmd="pr.cmd"  in .mailrc)
   2) A new option "page" specifies that a form-feed should follow
	each message piped to any "cmd".
   3) A new option "allnet" is added.
	It specifies that user names are unique for all network addresses,
	thus allowing deletion of the users name even if preceeded
	by site names.
	This fixes a bug where you would reply, and send a copy to
	yourself because your name was not properly recognized.
   4) The limit of network name lengths was increased (from 20) to 30
   5) A bug in the "~/mbox" default in s[ave] command was fixed.
	Previously a message list default was not allowed, sorry...
One remaining improvement should recognize the local `uname` and
optimize it out of the network paths, any interest??
Any feedback or comments welcomed.
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