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Wed May 27 03:40:05 1981
text processors
We are looking for software which takes `troff' input and produces
output suitable for Printronix dot-matrix line printers in plot mode
(a la `vtroff').  The intended use is to obtain better rough drafts of
scientific manuscripts.
We have available software which allows Diablo-type daisy wheel
printers to be used for producing technical manuscripts.  Special
symbol and italic printwheels are supported by (don't laugh) running
the paper through two or three times as necessary.  No changes to `eqn'
or `nroff', but an nroff terminal table is supplied.
We would also be interested in hearing about typesetting on the Xerox
9700.  Our current preference would be to use the `troff' language, but
a better replacement would be welcome in the future.
					Jim McGinness U C San Diego;
					Chemistry ucbvax!sdcsvax!jmcg
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