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Wed Jan 20 17:20:49 1982
Cheap European travel
Expensive countries include Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark,
but personally, I feel that it's a question of "you get what you
pay for" -- they're incredibly beautiful countries.  If you have the
cash up front, it used to be economical to buy a car in Europe, drive
it around, ship it back here and sell it, thus avoiding new-car duty.
That bargain has diminished somewhat, but I recently saw an automaker's
ad touting that as a money-saving option.  Perhaps worth looking into.
(Keep in mind that gas is MUCH more expensive in Europe, tho'.)
If you join American Youth Hostel, you can stay in youth hostels
(Jugendherberge, hospices) in Europe cheaply.  Some don't require
AYH membership; some have restrictions, e.g., no motorists, locked
doors after x o'clock, etc.  Also, for lunch, try to buy cheese &
sausage to eat en route, rather than having a restaurant meal.
					Gute Reise!
					Rick Nylund, houxm!finn
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