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Tue Jan 19 14:39:16 1982
Riv. Chalifour + Cardiology's Flying Finn
(To "Cardiology's Flying Finn":)
Okay, "hearty" fellow explorer (ow!):
Got your letter (Re: Parc Mistassini) loud and clear; however, I can't reply
directly to you because I lost your address (due to a bungled "mail" session).
The general area (chibougamau/mistissini) looks nice on the map; 
is it really wonderful in real life?  Isolated and clean?
Do you have any specific addresses of outfitters or information sources?
Do you know anything in particular about the Chouchouane or Mistissini Rivers?
My tentative summer plan is to set aside most of June to drive Nawth:
from New Jersey to New Hampshire, then Maine (the coast, Old Town to get
a canoe, then Baxter Park), then via Jackman to Quebec to Chibougamau.  
>From Chibougamau, canoe on a big long river with a hard name, 200 miles or so.
A neat trip looked like the big Mistissini, starting up near Baie-du-Poste,
finishing down near Lac St.Jean.  Another one would be the Choumouchouane,
or a trip similar to the one you suggested (on the Chalifour).
There are a zillion rivers up there, all of which look good on the map...
Write back soon!
signed your friend,
Michael J. Hawley   (decvax!yale-comix!hawley)
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