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Fri Dec 18 23:41:13 1981
George Wood of Radio Sweden International
	... will be in Northern California for the next month or so and
is interested in meeting with his audience.  Contact me for
further info.
	His program, Sweden Calling DXers (primarily for SWL's) is now
carrying a ham feature from the New Dimensions network, on the 1st
edition of the month.  The December segment included an SSTV xmsn.
Times and fx for North America are:
1400 GMT Tuesday (9 A.M. EST)	21615 kHz, 21700 kHz
2300 GMT Tuesday (6 P.M. EST)	11705 kHz, 9695 kHz
0230 GMT Wednesday (9:30 P.M. EST, Tuesday night)
		11705 kHz, 9695 kHz DSB ; 17840 kHz USB
						Joel Rubin
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