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Fri Dec 18 23:37:46 1981
New newsgroup --net.swl
	With all the other newsgroups, some (e.g. net.db) of which are far
less worthy, I figure we might as well have a news group for shortwave
listeners.  Either programming contents or frequency/time info welcome.
Anyone who subscribes to a club bulletin, Review of Int'l Broadcasting,
Voices, Sweden Calling DX'ers bulletin, etc., should copy items of interest.
(not the whole bulletin, please--that's unfair to the publishers, even when
they do permit copying)
						The Great Leader
						Marshall Kim Il Sung
						(a.k.a. Joel Rubin)
P.S.  To Radio Pyongyang addicts--anyone have any idea what the basic
principles of Kim Il Sung'ism are?
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