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Wed May  5 08:18:18 1982
Spring and Starlings
The warbler scene in Ontario is stil pretty quiet. Most of the province (except
for the southwest) has only seen Yellow-rumped, Pine, Black-and-White and Palm.
Raptor movement is tapering off; huge flocks of Canada Geese moving north of
Toronto on the weekend. Bloodroot and Trillium are in full bloom.
Bob, keep evicting the Starlings but don't hope for too much. The only
deterrent I know is what comes out of the barrel of a shotgun. I think
it's too late for Screech Owls, but you still stand a good chance with
Kestrels if you can get rid of the Starlings. Starlings prefer a deeper
cavity than the owl and Kestrel, so if your nestbox is deeper than 9
inches (from bottom of box to bottom of entrance) you can try filling the
box with wood shavings to bring it up to that level.
Speaking of nesting, is anyone out there participating in gathering data
for the World Breeding Atlas?
Anyone going to Point Pelee next week might be interested in knowing that
Wheatley Provincial Park has free camping until May 14.
	Happy Birding!
	Andy Rubaszek
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