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Tue May  4 08:38:59 1982
spring and starling question
nj is in full warble.  Bluebirds or on eggs (or possibly chicks).
A rose-breasted grosbeak spent 2 full days gorging out on our catalpa.
   And here I thought those cigars are only good for smoking.
Question: I put up 2 screech owl houses (or at least that is the hole size) in
Dec.  No owls used it (nor Kestrals - and here I was planning on one owl
and one Kestral).  Now starlings are using it despite that I evict them
once a week (once removing 5 eggs). I didn't close up the boxes since
I thought that maybe grackles or other large birds might use the
box (or at least a cowbird would parasitize the starlings). Anybody
know anyway to discourage starlings or any reason that I shouldn't just
board it up till next winter.  Thanks
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