bug txt seeing old txt newsrc

Found at: gopher.quux.org:70/Archives/usenet-a-news/NET.news.b

"bug that causes news to be displayed repeatedly"

"rmgrp" bug

"seeing old news"

.newsrc query

.newsrc query

2.0 release of B news

Another ``all'' query

Apparent bug in readr.c

B News Bug

B news bug

BUG in readnews

Bug in

Bug in expire.c

Bug in uucp.diff

Bug or am I Doing Something Wrong?

Checknews Bug and Fix

Correction to my ridiculous non-fix to readr.c

Creeping Bit Rot in Bnews

DEBUG bug in checknews.c

Demons reading news

Duplication across newsgroups

Enhancement request

Expire failure on pdp11\'s

Extended option lines in .newsrc

Fascinating Active File Facts


Fix to inews.c -C option

Fix to readr.c garbaging the log

Followup to my earlier query

Forwarding newsgroup "general".

Gross news bug

Inews Bug

Inews Dumping Core

Inews docu bug

Jerry's wish list

Makefile bug

Mirabile Dictu

Mode of readnews

NEWSBOX feature in 2.6 news

NOT inconsistent

New distribution installation remarks

Old Newsgroup Hint

Old problem?

Posting to multiple newsgroups

Postnews editor scripts from diff

Problems with all in .newsrc

Q: line bug fix


Re: future news update conventions

Re: future news update conventions

Re: future news update conventions

Re: future news update conventions

Re: net.general.ctl

Re: "seeing old news"

Re: "seeing old news"

Re: .newsrc query

Re: .newsrc query

Re: Apparent bug in readr.c

Re: B News Bug

Re: Correction to my ridiculous non-fix to readr.c

Re: Creeping Bit Rot in Bnews

Re: Enhancement request

Re: Fascinating Active File Facts

Re: Feature

Re: Forwarding newsgroup "general".

Re: Gross news bug

Re: Inews Bug

Re: Inews docu bug

Re: Jay Lepreau's fix to inews

Re: Jay Lepreaus fix to inews

Re: Problems with all in .newsrc

Re: Readnews bug

Re: Slight Bug (I think)

Re: Suggestion on handling subscriptions

Re: What Happens When...

Re: What Happens When...

Re: What happened to Version 2.2?

Re: ``all (alice.398 followup)

Re: checknews + readnews = ...eh?

Re: checknews + readnews = ...eh?

Re: future news update conventions

Re: inews -u flag nonexistent?

Re: long newsgroup names

Re: multiple line options in .newsrc

Re: news bug

Re: news bug

Re: news bug

Re: nit in readr.c

Re: seeing old news

Re: use of .all

Readnews bug

References bug

Rejection and cancel bugs


Slight Bug (I think)

Suggestion on handling subscriptions


Updating options listjoke.all

What Happens When...

What I'd Like to See

What happened to Version 2.2?

Yet Another B News Query

``all (alice.398 followup)


a funny glitch

a solution to net.test trash

anuddah bug...

attn: usenet sites on the arpanet or below sri-unix and menlo70

bug fix in USG ftime

bug fixes to 2.0 news

bug in checknews

bug in netnews (ctime) at mcnc


cancel rmgrp bug

checknews + readnews = ...eh?

checknews + readnews = ...eh?

checknews return code


correction to news distribution

diff of Mail from 4.1BSD

duplicate articles

duplicate articles due to concurrent inews.

easy newsgroup deletion

errata #2

expire bug

fix to sendspoolnews

ftime bug in released netnews

give me a break

how to lose .newsrc

inews -e

inews -u filename bug

inews -u flag nonexistent?

log() and lock() problem

long newsgroup names

man page changes


minor bug in readr.c

multiple line options in .newsrc

mystery bits in readnews

news 2.6 released

news b crashes

news bug

news complaint

news delivermail aliases

news screw

nit in readr.c

order of presentation query

plethora of newsgroups

possible bug in -M option to readnews

postnews bug with 2.6?

problem with readnews -e

readnews -e

readnews bug in h command

readnews question.

readnews- cancel bug?

retrieving articles by article-id

send me your readnews expiration horror stories

set of diffs for B news

shell script makedist to unpack distribution

signal handling bugs

sorry, forgot to sign

the first B news crash

time formats

use of .all

wanted: getdate(3) man page

whether to install 2.0 news ...