compiler txt txt compiler and assem

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6500 USERS

68000 compiler

68000 unix, C

8086 compiler and assemblers

A Better Apple Pascal Editor

A short pomme for et tu...

A small question.

A/D for an Apple II?

Add On Memory

Any Kimmers out there?

Any modems out there?

Apple II Graphics Digest (first and last)

Apple edit

Apple terminal software

Authorship of microcomputer software.

Aztec C

Basic terminal program

CP/M BDOS rubout patching.

Chopped ATARI 800

Color Compilers

Compiler , etc. for ATARI personal computer

FAST and/or SPEED for CP/M 2.2?


H89 Disk Drives



IBM PC divide bug revisited

IBM invents new math

Intel Hex Format

Intel Iax432?

MARC operating system

MR Sup_R_Fan problems

Magazine review

Micro's and netnews

Microcomputer programming help needed (San Jose area)

Micros and netnews

Modula query


Multi-tasking alternatives

New processor cards for the Apple.


OASIS query

OASIS query

OS9 full screen editor wanted

Onyx Microcomputer

Re: 8086 compiler and assemblers

Re: Trenton Fair

Re: ZX81 Plea

Re: ih1ap.126: Help!!!

Re: micro on the net

Re: micro on the net

Re: micros invade USENET ?

Re: tucc.1763: MR Sup_R_Fan problems

Re: ucbarpa.1013: New processor cards for the Apple.

Re: whuxlb.206: IBM PC divide bug revisited

Request for intelligent multibus serial I/O card.

Systems software for 6520-based microcomputers

TI 99/4A

TRS-80 16

Tape Interface

Texas Instruments 99/4A

Timex/Sinclair 1000 PC

Trenton Fair

Unix for the 68000-based TRS80-16

Unix for the TRS-80 16

VIC Query Responses

VIC-20 Query

Vax/micro file transfer

Wanted: Multibus 68000 cards with DMA

Word Processing Package for Sale


ZX-81 Logic Chip

ZX-81 Science Fair Project ?

ZX81 Extras

ZX81 Plea

ZX81 expansion

ZX81 glitches

anyone with TRS-80 Color Computer/6809 out there?

call for apple info

forth and Atari questions

high-end micros

micro on the net

micros invade USENET ?


some questions

text quality printers?

use of micros for film reservations

uucico for other machines

uucico for the TRS-80


z80 & 8080 support tools