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Fri Apr 30 11:10:15 1982
Re: info wanted on omninet
I have no experience with OMNINET, but I just  got  back  from  a
California  trip  where  I  visited  Corvus.   In-house they have
numerous  Apples  using  central  Corvus  disks   accessed   over
OMNINET.   The  Apples  never  know they don't have a local disk.
There are also central print servers.  
Doug Broyles (formerly of  ONYX)  claims  there  is  file  server
software  which  manages  one  or  more  hard disks, and provides
multiuser protection for any  number  of  different  Apple  users
sharing the same disk.  
They also have a feature which I would LOVE to see for minis  and
super-minis:  videotape  backup.   They currently have running as
part  of  their  disk  system  a  backup  system  using  standard
vidoetape  cassette  recorders.  The current density is 100MB per
tape with a recording rate of about 1 MB/minute.  They expect  to
be  able  to  quadruple  that still using standard transports and
cassettes, so a tape will hold 400MB with a recording rate  of  4
MB/minute.   I'm not crazy about the rate, but at the cost of the
transports, you can afford to have 3 or 4 of them  and  still  be
way ahead of even a cheap 9-track transport.  
	- Alan S. Watt
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