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Sun Mar 14 21:49:06 1982
Request for info on network design
I am a member of a group working on software for a campus-wide network
at Cornell University.  We are trying to address two separate
problems.  First, an interim system that will allow us to transfer mail
and files.  Second, a longer term solution that would allow remote file
access, virtual channels between processes on different machines,
remote login, and possibly even remote paging.  We would eventually see
the network supporting word processors, workstations, file servers,
print servers, mainframes, and public terminals.
For the interim system, we are currently using Sytek hardware to
provide public terminal access and virtual circuits.  We need a
protocol that supports file and mail transfer among the various
mainframes (an IBM with VM/CMS, a DEC 20 running TOPS-20, a VAX running
4.1BSD, etc.) and between micros (Apple, Terak, etc.) and the
mainframes.  Currently, we are looking at Columbia University's KERMIT
protocol, slightly extended to allow automatic machine/machine
transfer.  Does anyone have experience with either KERMIT or any
similar system in this application?  One absolute requirement is that
it be implemented on several of the machines described above, and that
it takes no more than one to two weeks to implement on a new machine.
For the long term problem, we are interested in any powerful and
flexible network "protocol" supporting the above features.  It would be
nice if it were completely specified, and even nicer if it had been
implemented on some group of machines running a variety of different
operating systems.
Please reply directly to me.  If there is sufficient interest, I will
digest the replies and put them back out on the net.
                        Dean Krafft, Research Associate
                        Dept. of Computer Science
                        Cornell University
                        (uucp address: decvax!cornell!dean, harpo!cornell!dean)
                        (ARPA address: dean.cornell@udel)
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