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Tue Jan 19 14:10:16 1982
Writing a conn.c for SYTEK and uucp
Clearly proper support of uucp over local area networks such as those by
SYTEK will require modifications to conn.c in uucico.
I see the following things as good ideas.
The L.sys line should read like:
sysname time SYTEK nnnn "" "ogin:" "uucp" "word:" "pass"
or something of the sort, where nnnn is the localnet address
(this should be true of all use of uucp over networks, even datapac/telenet
if that becomes possible - perhaps the decnet support of x.25 bill shannon
spoke of bodes this)
The conn.c should have knowledge, perhaps from L-devices of all the lan ports
connected to the machine that it can use, including incoming ports.
(the idea behind all this is to use ports both ways, I figure)
It should then be able to chose one that is not being used, and disable its
login shell if it has one.  After that, it can go out over the box, set the
right parameters on both itself and the box it calls, autobaud if necessary
(this shouldn't be) and make the call.
Once the call completes, it should be able to reset parameters, or know how
to type 'done 1' when talking to a stupid peripheral.
The same code here could be put into the 'cu' program, which I have already
modified here to use the localnet as default instead of the acu we don't have.
something may have to be done about crossing bridges as well.
Ideally, this will mean you can have a local uucp net among all your unicies
with just one port on each which can be used as a login port when not used
by uucp.  You get this advantage over a Berknet.
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