compiler to generate overlay code t

Found at: gopher.quux.org:70/Archives/usenet-a-news/NET.general

Source Code Control System Questionaire

f77 compiler to generate overlay code

"Dijkstra and the USENET map"


"TED" a Unix editor.

'Tools' Newsgroup

(request) PERT and GANTT tools

/usr/group query

11/34 Unix

11/44 float bug

11/70 Real Time (?) Memory Map

1982 Symposium on Security and Privacy


2nd Followup on long .newsrc files


6502 compiler

6800 "C"?

6800 assembler

68000 SBCs

68000 code generator

68000 sbc reply

750 tu58

8085 assembler for UNIX?




990/9900 Cross-compiler ?

A User Guide to the UNIX System

A driver for ...

A new newsgroup about wines and spirits

A note from the Boss up Nawth

A ski newsgroup?

ADE 512 query


APL group formed

ARPA gateway



ARPAVAX Lost-Lines Bug


ARPAnet mail format standards

AT&T settles with Government

Acctng Pkg Info Wanted

Ada compiler for VAX

Ada compiler for VAX and PDP-11

Administrative License?

An Audio Question

An explanation

Announcing net.lang.apl

Announcing utah-gr

Any curses users out there?

Anyone have a voting program??

Apology re unc.1688: USENET map

Archive packing

Arpanet INFO-VAX list

Array Processors

Asms for 1802 or 9900

Attention SCA members

Attn: curses.h users

Audio, Klipsch

Austin USENIX Conference Sumary


BLFP and unix-cpm

BLFP distribution

BMD70 Host name change

BRL now on the Net

Bad English

Basic anyone?

Bell Labs Free Press

Bell Labs Free Press

Bell.whatever dead?

Berkeley Unix Path Pascal

Berkeley's Berknet problem resolved.

Better than Rogue

Bikers to USENIX

Bill Shannon Leaving?

Billy Joe McAllistar and Friends

Billy Joe McAllistar and Friends (allegra.200 followup)

Birding anyone?

Birding newsgroup

Book report

Book search

Bootleg copies of Human-nets Digest.


Bronx H.S of Science Class '50

Brown University - Are You There?

Brunix Are You There?

Bugs in refer

C Beautification

C Compiler

C Compiler Test Suite Query

C compiler documentation

CAD-CAM Software

CAI Software

CB radio


CMU VLSI proceedings

CMU VLSI proceedings, optical mouse

CRC-16 routine

CSNET info available?


Cellular Automata anyone?

Censorship Discussions

Chromatics 7900

Cincy goes on an austerity program

Clarkson College Alumni

Columbia Articles

Come on!

Commercial News

Commercial Unix time

Comp.Sci.Ed. newsgroup?

Computer Crime

Computer Graphics NOVA

Computer Song Appeal

Conferencing, Security, and Thinking

Confusion & The USENET Map

Consumer forum

Consumer forum reply to Andy

Copyrights and USENET - continued from net.space


Correction on Factorial Function

Cray C Compiler


DAEMON etymology

DAEMON etymology


DEAFNet query


DEC on Usenet

DEC to announce VAX 730 this month

DG 200 termcap

DMC hardware fix

DSW revisited

Database systems on Unix

Decree on net.mc

Defy rabbit riders! Defy suba scoopers! Create the following new group

Digital audio

Do you know the source?

Dr. Dijkstra speaks...

Dreaded Simultaneous creation of Newsgroups

EA6 ECM frequency band querry?

EMACS tutorial

EMACS tutorials needed

EUNICE query

EUNICE questionaire

EUNICE report

East Coast Bookseeler with the Intro to Unix Book


Emulax CS11

Etomology of UNIX

Etymology of DAEMON

Eunice Newsgroup

Eunice news group

Ex documentation

Expanded memory from ABLE

Explanation please

FP cancelled

Factorial Query

Factorial Query

Factorial Query (repl. to mhtsa!research!sjb)

Fawlty Towers

Floating point info

Floyd will be offile for a few days


Forcing uucp polls

Formation of net.railroad

Free speech, constitutional rights, and USENET

Freedom of the netwaves

From notesfile net.general at harpo

From notesfile net.general at uicsovax

From notesfile net.general at uicsovax

Functional Programming Language Implementation


German <---> English Dictionary

Give Us a Break!


Grammar Response Digest

Grammar: one more

Graphic Plotter

Graphics Software Query

HCR: Where are you?

HELLO from uiucdcs


HELP! uucp run amuck!

HP2621B TERMCAP request

Happy Birthday

Hayes Smartmodem Help?

Hello Usenet

Hello World

Helvetica Fonts for Vtroff?

Hill Street Blues query

Home Office Deduction Calculation

Home Office Depreciation Answer

Home VCR's

How Long

How to reply to articles via mail?


I need your sys files

I thought NET was dead?

IBM lan

IBM local net

IBM net

IEEE 488 bus on VAX

IEH-11 driver needed

ISAM for Unix

If Multics is UNIX' grandparent, what is its child's name?

Ignore this

Info needed on SI disk systems under 4.1 BSD

Info on PDP12 servicability

Informer info wanted

Intel 8048

Intel 8051

Interactive Text Formatter

Is U. of Penn. out there?

J Gosling Address?

Job posting

Joe Hunt's net address?

L. A. Times


LL(1) Grammar for Pascal?

List of Newsgroups

List or newsgroup of S users - data analysis

Local area network group

Local area network group

Local area networks





Loglan persons

Long .newsrc file

Long .newsrc file followup

Look what cat drug in...

Looking for 6809 Development Tools

Looking for a UNIX PASCAL

Looking for a netnews donor for Shasta

MESA Query

MH Mail Hooks in News


MIT Jargon Dictionary

Mail interface to netnews

Mail interface to netnews

Mailers for Dec-10

Mailers for a DEC-10

Marshall Dodge (Bert and I) obituary

Math newsgroup?

Medicine newsgroup

Messages to the UK.

Misuse of ARPANET

Modem Encoding

Moderated Newsgroups

Modula-2 compiler needed

Modula-2 for Vax



Monopoly (followup)

More Truth about datamat!rumor

More on net.[motorcycle]

More questions

Multibus-Unibus Interface



NET.blfp newsgroup

Name for a newsgroup on spiritous liquors

Nationwide Access to a computer

Net.wines now exists

Netnews for non-Unix machines?

Netnews meets PLATO's notes - from a notesfile

Netnews sites in Conn. query

Network Balloting

Network Directory Suggestion

Network Map

New Bridge Newsgroup

New Disk Drive

New Members on the Net

New Newsgroup

New Newsgroup(?) net.opinion.

New Newsgroup, net.draw

New Newsgroup?

New Site

New Site Info


New USENET site - watcgl

New Usenet Site

New Usenet Site

New Usenet Site

New netnews Site

New netnews Site

New news group (fa.railroad)

New newsgroup

New newsgroup

New proposed newsgroups

New site

New site

New site online

New sites

News Fixed and Group Query

News Site Official Entry Form

Newsgroup net.music

Non-discrimination is no joke

Old floating point bug

On the new group net.wordproc

One Newsgroup Per Article!

Origin of fubar

Origins of folk history

Overhead Slides anyone ?

PCL inquiry

PDP-11 Tools for the VAX

PERQ like display

PERT under Unix ?

PL/M to C?


PSU on Usenet

Paging Fordham University...

Parts for old Dec. Machines

Pascal Plus

Pascal Plus

Pascal to C?

Path to Brown?

Performance benchmarks

Perkin Elmer Unix Info wanted

Phone Number Botch

Phone Number Botch

Physical Modeling Position

Please clean up the net

Please, no more foobar responses

Poor man's auto dialer

Position available

Possible ATC Strike

Printronix Software

Problems with refer, on-line bibliography

Prolog interpreter

Public Domain Dictionary?

Pur-phy new Usenet member

Query - old net.*bugs articles

Query on Cubic Spline function

Quote without comment

RCA Video IV

RE: Fubar

RE: net.jokes.q

RE: net.jokes.q at HOCC

RE: net.jokes.q at HOCC

RE: net.travel -- a new newsgroup

RE:Obnoxious Newlines in Mail

RM controllers


RX01 driver needed


Re: UUCP Connection for discussion group UNIX-CPM@UDEL

Re: Where oh where.......

Re: newsgroup fa, net, etc.

Re: "Dijkstra and the USENET map"

Re: "Dijkstra and the USENET map"

Re: "NewsNet"

Re: 68000 SBCs

Re: A new newsgroup about wines and spirits

Re: Brunix Are You There?

Re: CSNET info available?

Re: Call for Speakers

Re: Consumer forum

Re: Consumer forum

Re: Contact user names - see net.news

Re: Correction on Factorial Function

Re: Encryption

Re: Factorial Query

Re: Factorial Query (repl. to mhtsa!research!sjb)

Re: Grammar9

Re: Grammar: one more

Re: Graphic Plotter

Re: Home VCR's

Re: How long?

Re: I thought NET was dead?

Re: IBM net

Re: Local area networks

Re: Loglan

Re: Long .newsrc file

Re: Long .newsrc file

Re: Long .newsrc file followup

Re: Long .newsrc file followup

Re: Modula 2 compiler

Re: Monopoly

Re: New news group (fa.railroad)

Re: News Fixed and Group Query

Re: Non-discrimination is no joke

Re: Non-discrimination is no joke

Re: On the new group net.wordproc

Re: Prolog interpreter

Re: RE: net.jokes.q at HOCC

Re: Re foobar

Re: Re foobar

Re: Recomendations for Color Television (npois.109 followup)

Re: Terminal Rental in the Boston/Vermont Area

Re: Travelers' Newsgroup

Re: UNIX IIIs net.games net.news fa.info-terms msgs fa.tcp-ip

Re: USENET Directory

Re: USENIX & /usr/group co-meeting

Re: UUCP gateway

Re: Unibus Thermometer

Re: Usenix and /usr/group

Re: Video Vegetables

Re: Voltaire and freedom of speech (decvax!duke!bcw follow-up)

Re: WARNING: There is another system

Re: Want ads

Re: Want ads

Re: We are in the Autodialer Market

Re: What the......

Re: Where oh where.......

Re: Wither Goes fa.unix-wizards?

Re: a new newsgroup to focus around "computer science education"?

Re: a new newsgroup to focus around "computer science education"?

Re: abreviating newsgroup names

Re: access to this network

Re: alice.252: net.limericks

Re: anarchism

Re: conspiracy!

Re: contact user names

Re: contact user names

Re: contact user names

Re: contact user names

Re: cooking newsgroup

Re: cooking newsgroup

Re: cooking newsgroup

Re: dead baby stories

Re: debugging microcode in writable control store

Re: decvax.182: Usenix and /usr/group

Re: democracy !fa.arms-d !fa.energy !fa.info-cpm !fa.poli-sci

Re: eiss.200: Etomology of UNIX

Re: freedom of the netwaves ?

Re: freedom of the netwaves ?

Re: freedom of the netwaves ?

Re: grammar

Re: grammar

Re: ihuxn.102: One Newsgroup Per Article!

Re: lime.118: Local area network group

Re: mh3bs.135: net.video???

Re: mitccc.103: Re: "Dijkstra and the USENET map"

Re: mitccc.103: Re: "Dijkstra and the USENET map"

Re: more boring factorials, be forewarned

Re: more mess!

Re: more mess!

Re: net. vs fa.

Re: net.db, net.movies, etc.

Re: net.db, net.movies, etc.

Re: net.jokes.q at HOCC

Re: net.jokes.q at HOCC

Re: net.limericks

Re: net.limericks

Re: net.limericks

Re: net.misc group?

Re: net.misc group?

Re: net.sport.basketball

Re: new newsgroup

Re: new newsgroup

Re: new newsgroup

Re: new newsgroup for word processors

Re: new newsgroup for word processors

Re: new newsgroup for word processors

Re: new newsgroup for word processors

Re: new newsgroup for word processors

Re: new newsgroup for word processors

Re: paganism

Re: query about long unames

Re: query about long unames

Re: school.xxx

Re: softadm

Re: tekmdp.206: not.airheads

Re: unc.1576: dotted news groups

Re: utcsrgv.125 :Info on PDP12

Re: watmath.2063: cancel rabbit.302

Re: what's a foobar?

Re: what's foobar?

Re: what's foobar?

Re: what's foobar?

Re: working PALASM source?

Re: you feel a sense of loss

Reading Newsnet

Reading Newsnet (uiucdcs.150 followup)

Recomendations for Color Television

Recomendations for Color Television (npois.109 followup)

Recommendations for Color TV

Regularizing Regular Expressions

Request for Info

Request for info on Video Projectors

Request for info on crystallographic programs on UNIX

Request for software


Research Abstracts Newsgroup


Run VMS Binaries


Scientific Donaldists

Search for a UNIX Cobol


Segmentation fault in UUCICO

Shasta dialin numbers: correction

Shortwave broadcasts relevant to the Falklands dispute

Simula or Smalltalk for

Simula under Unix?

Simulation under UNIX

Site registration

Software Tools Users Group (quote without comment)

Special Interest Groups at USENIX

Special computer issue

Speeding up 34s


Spring Cleaning


Stanford U. ID Query

Stat. Processing

Sultan - new Usenet member

Switching MUXs





TEX and Metafont

TEX and Metafont

TEX and Metafont

TMS 9900 or TMS 99000

TMS 9900 or TMS 99000 High Level Language

Ted Nelson

Ted Nelson & Xanadu

Ted Nelson?

Teklabs joins the Net

Tekmdp Joins The Net

Tekronix graphics

Termcap query


Terminal Rental in the Boston/Vermont Area





Texas UNIX users conference

Thank You Dennis

The English Language

The Naming of UNIX

The Real World

The Truth About UNIX -- not a flame

The VMUNIX Blues

The etymology of dsw

The next language

The truth about datamat!rumor

To Mark Horton

Tools Newsgroup

Travelers Newsgroup

Traveller's Newsgroup

Two Computer Related Queries

UCBVAX takes a vacation

UCSD Pascal II.0

UNC victory




UNIX III educational discount

UNIX Instructor Consultant Position Available

UNIX Treasure Hunt (with great prizes!!)

UNIX and RT-11

UNIX for Beginners

UNIX in Milwaukee?

UNIX on RK07

UNIX taking over the world?


USENET Directory

USENET connection at Pitt

USENET directory

USENET directory





USENIX letter from J. Donnelly reprinted from net.usenix (by pop. demand)

USENIX othello(r) tourney

UUCP Site Query

UUCP connections

UUCP gateway

UUCP gateway

UUCP protocol


Unilogic Scribe

Unix III

Unix Lookalikes

Unix Visicalc's --Available Sources

Unix for DEC PDP-7,9,15 query

Use of HAYES Smart Modem

Usenet Logical Map

Usenet map(s)

Usenix and /usr/group

Uucp and news to Berkeley.

VAX Pascal

VAX compatibility mode floating point

VAX compatibility mode floating point


VLSI Tools

VMS lisp query

VW Rabbit Problem

Vi Quiz

Vi Quiz

Video Vegetables

Virtual Terminal Info Wanted

Visi-Calc 'ish???

Visicalc on Unix?

Voltaire and freedom of speech (decvax!duke!bcw follow-up)

WARNING: There is another system


Wang Institue

Want Ads

Want ads

Wanted: Emacs info

Wanted: Emacs info

Wanted: Multibus 68000 cards with DMA

Wanted: RSX Modula-2

Wanted: UNIX z80 xasm, loader, etc.

Watch it!!!

We are in the Autodailer Market

Well, What is it?

What I thoought net.[motorcycle] was

What if?

What the......

What to do with DV11s

What, No 3B-knowlegeable folks?

Where is ...

Where is Arms Digest

Where is Textware?

Where oh where.......

Whitesmiths for 4bsd

Who is "esquire"?

Wither Goes fa.unix-wizards?

Word Processing Newsgroup

Word processing group

Writers Workbench


YACC legality

Yet Another New Hierarchical Newsgroup

Yet Another UNIX Users Group

a better cb?

a new USENET map

a new newsgroup to focus around "computer science education"?

a real uucp net map


abreviating newsgroup names

access to this network

accounting program wanted

adiron - a new usenet site

adm3a graphics board

alice returns


ann arbor ammbassador service in NJ

annotated bibliography

announcing new newsgroup fa.teletext

announcing npois - new system

announcing u1100s - new system

any interest in having fa.header-people


attention: usenet site contacts

attention: users of the curses screen package

austrailia on UUCP??

automatic routing of uucp mail



ber changes his password

bridge newsgroup

bug in uucp subdirectory enhancement

cancel alice.401

cancel brl-bmd.124

cancel brl-bmd.125

cancel cbosg.2186

cancel cbosgd.2150

cancel cmcl2.571

cancel dopey.1970

cancel druxj.136

cancel esquire.233

cancel genradbo.103

cancel genradbo.110

cancel genradbo.113

cancel genradbo.118

cancel hocda.122

cancel houxe.105

cancel houxg.118

cancel houxp.104

cancel ihuxm.129

cancel ittvax.193

cancel ittvax.194

cancel ittvax.195

cancel ittvax.196

cancel ittvax.197

cancel ittvax.198

cancel ittvax.242

cancel microsof.186

cancel microsof.186

cancel phonlab.423

cancel phonlab.429

cancel pur-ee.252

cancel pur-ee.253

cancel pur-ee.256

cancel pur-phy.254

cancel pur-phy.256

cancel pur-phy.258

cancel rabbit.290

cancel rabbit.290

cancel rabbit.302

cancel sri-unix.1157

cancel ucbarpa.911

cancel ucbarpa.911

cancel ucbarpa.913

cancel ucf-cs.108

cancel ucf-cs.109

cancel ucf-cs.115

cancel ucf-cs.116

cancel ucf-cs.117

cancel ucf-cs.118

cancel ucf-cs.123

cancel ucf-cs.124

cancel ucf-cs.128

cancel ucf-cs.134

cancel ucf-cs.531

cancel ucf-cs.540

cancel uicsovax.7001

cancel unc.3179

cancel unc.3192

cancel unc.3209

cancel unc.3210

cancel unc.3210

cancel unc.3216

cancel unc.3219

cancel unc.3230

cancel unc.3298

cancel unc.3310

cancel unc.3312

cancel unc.3376

cancel utah-cs.463

cancel utcstvax.107

cancel utcstvax.110

cancel uwvax.319

cancel uwvax.320

cancel uwvax.322

cancel uwvax.325

cancel uwvax.326

cancel watarts.1245

cancel watmath.1909

cancel watmath.2051

cancel watmath.2071

cancel watmath.2074

cancel watmath.2077

cancel watmath.2237

cancel watmath.2238

cancel watmath.2363

card punch needed

chain letters on the net

circuit design systems


columbia - a newsgroup

computer room door locks?

connection query


consumer forum (sorry, this started in net.general)

contact user name

contact user names

contact user names

contact user names

cooking newsgroup

csh prompt

csh quiz

current usenet map


curses library

database management




dead baby stories

debugging microcode in writable control store

decvax down




dictionary wanted

dotted news groups

dr11's on UNIX?


dsw manual page (honest)

duplicate net.applic message

duplicate newsgroups

editor evaluation/comparision

elementary functions / IEEE arithmetic

etymology &c

exchange/area code confusion


f77 info needed

fa.sflovers gone??

fa.sflovers gone??

factorial question

fawn info

file system interleave parameters

find command in the /usr/lib/crontab

first draft of network map

fixed point arithmetic on VAX

followup: WARNING: There is another system



freedom of the dataways

freedom of the netwaves ?

genradbolton : a new usenet site

giant primes



h19 termcap

home VCR

how to get to lime.


info about acctng pkgs

info. needed about ucds


into the wild blue yonder

introducing zeppo

joint Usenix - /usr/group meeting

kernel packet driver

lat & long

learn script

letter quality printers

lime site announcement

list of usenet newsgroups

long lines

looking for Rockford Ross at Washington state U.

mag tape cleaner needed

memorandum macro bugs

minor bug in readnews

missing person

modem query

more boring factorials, be forewarned

more etymology

more mess!

more rumor rumors

mpx Help wanted

music/records flame

name change

name change

name flame

national security?

net information flow

net. vs fa.

net.applic clarifiction

net.applic, new newsgroup for applicative languages/architectures

net.applic- applicative languages/architecture news-group proposal

net.applic-- new newsgroup

net.applic-- time for some activity



net.db, net.movies, etc.

net.draw name change

net.draw name change



net.garden newsgroup?

net.general vs net.misc

net.general vs net.misc


net.jokes vs net.joke




net.jokes.q @ HOCC (watmath.1528)

net.jokes.q @ HOCC (watmath.1528)

net.jokes.q @ HOCC (watmath.1528) (ittvax.197 followup)



net.misc group?



net.school (esp. Illinois)





net.travel -- a new group for travelers



netnews registration form for npois (finally)

network mail

network name change is in effect

new and renamed newsgroups

new group ?

new ham radio news group

new kid in town

new net node

new newsgroup

new newsgroup

new newsgroup

new newsgroup

new newsgroup for word processors

new newsgroup idea

new newsgroup names

new newsgroup net.movies

new newsgroup proposal--net.datapac

new site announcement

new site on net

new site on the block

new site on the net

new subscription list: net.games

news group net.sports.hockey?

news news

newsgroup idea

newsgroup names (cbsog.189)

newsgroup net.test (this is not a test message)

newspurge bug fix


not-so-new USENET site


nroff macros wanted


parallel algorithms

pascal anyone?

path to brown

path to dec engineering net query

plato and USENET

please establish local news groups in sys files

posting bug fixes with diffs

posting to multiple news groups

printer info request

problem with mailing replies

proposed new fa group for Franz Lisp

proposed new newsgroups

query about long unames

rdb - new site

re: Dr. Dijkstra Speaks

re: dsw etymology

re:The English Language

reading a notesfile article

readnews bug

rebuilding .nindex files that vanish

relational DBMS for Unix

replying to news

replying to news

replying to news

request for AAA formfill help

request for AAA formfill help

request for info

request for plotting programs

routing algorithm

sf-lovers query

sii site announcement




speech synthesis

standard 2.8bsd with bug fixes

submitting news


termcap query

termcap request



to all neuroscientists

top-level list gets everything under it

track ball inquiry

troff and the Harris 4000

troff for a Mergenthaler

trouble submitting article


tu58 driver needed

ucbvax was off usenet for a while



unbalanced fan

unbalanced fan

unibus thermometer?


unix person needed



unsigned news

use of net.general

usenet site dukgeri

utah-cs - New Usenet Site

utzoo changes address

uucp file prefixes

uucp info

uux junk mail


version numbers?

visual 300 terminal

vlsi newsgroup

voiceprint work?

watmath site announcement

what is a glob?

what was net.db supposed to stand for anyway?

what's foobar?

where is 'MSU Today'?

word processor query

working PALASM source?

yippee for Usenet

you feel a sense of loss

z80 to 8086 assembly converter

zoom follow-up

zoom lenses