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Mon Feb  8 10:33:08 1982
Nestle's flame from net.cooks
To Avoid flaming at net.cooks about politics, I'm saying this here.
The Nestle's people :
  1) Make good chocolate, But so does Hershey's
  2) Make an amazing number of other food products, many good:
       Libby's    Stouffer's     Jarlsberg cheese(so I hear)
  3) Engage in various offensive marketing practices in third-world
countries, specifically selling baby-formula to people who
         - are too poor to afford it
	- don't have adequate sanitation to prepare it
	- often can't read the labels (illiteracy OR language differences)
	- don't know that the "nurses" who recommend the stuff are
		paid by Nestle
	- badly need the nutrition that formula can't provide
	- badly need the food they could have bought instead of formula
	- often can't breast-feed because their babies are put on formula
		for their first few weeks
I strongly urge all of you to boycott Nestle.
(FLAME OFF)  	Thanks; Bill Stewart
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