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Fri Dec 18 11:15:38 1981
headlight laws
I hadn't realized that headlight laws were so widespread - I knew
Wisconsin had one but hadn't run across one in California or Ohio.
I am also against such a law for safety reasons.  The previous bike
I had (Honda 90) had the property that if you had the headlight on,
it drained so much power that you couldn't hear the horn!  The Honda
shop told me there was nothing that could be done to fix it - that
was just the way the horn was.  That bike had a 3 position key switch:
off, on with no headlight, and on with headlight.  Although my current
bike has no such middle position (but I can leave it off with the
headlights on - I wonder what I'm supposed to use that for!) the dimmer
switch has three positions: off, low, and high.  That solves the
starting problem, even if there were no kick starter.
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