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Wed Dec 16 23:44:40 1981
This was in reply to my rather obnoxious statement about helmets
	(which I feel is true nevertheless)
We decided to share it.  Perchance I have stimulated some discussion.
Re: Helmet comments
I couldn't agree more about helmets, you should be allowed to go get yourself
killed anyway you see fit.  I, for one, would be DEAD if there hadn't been a
helmet law in North Carolina!  They are inconvient, they limit your vision,
they are hot in the summer but it really bring things home when you end-up
with TREAD MARKS on it.  I think helmet laws are a pain in one sense but
there is a very good reason for them (among other things they keep my
insurance rates down).
Just slightly off the subject, did you know that there is a 100% accident
rate in Washington, D.C.?
Also, it would have been nice if you'd phrased you comments differently.
I don't feel that was appropriate on the net.
						Chris Woodbury
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