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Fri Dec 11 21:30:56 1981
Try Again
The following appeared in the brief net.mc
but here it is again to be sure.
Answer to a question:
  I believe up here in Waterloo,Ontario,Canada the price for storing
a bike over the winter is about $20-30/month (canadian)
I really dont know for sure because I am stupid enough to ride throughout
the winter (last weeks freezing rain storm was interesting)
I suspect the high price is due to insurance costs for the storage firm
(and naturally, always profit).  Because winters are so common up here,
most people have full garages on their homes and a lot of apartment
buildings have underground parking (like mine!)
						-Ken Dykes
>From decvax!ittvax!swatt Wed Dec  9 22:46:15 1981
To: decvax!watmath!kgdykes
Subject: net.motorcycles
I would like to have a net.motorcycles group; I ride one.  I think
a better name would be "net.bikers".
I am S*T*I*L*L curious why everyone picks on net.scuba when they
want an example of a "useless" newsgroup.  Last time I heard, TV
networks had N*O problems getting L*A*R*G*E audiences for their
Jaques Cousteau specials. Probably more people watch those than
watch "Motorcycle Manslaughter" on ?BC Wild World of Sports.
Anyway, I ride (or rode, when I had the time ...) a Suzuki GS850, 1979
model.  I had originally proposed a "Bikers to USENIX" pilgrimage, but
no one else was interested (you see, I like to do crazy things, and
putting on rubber [dacron, dummy!] suits and jumping into lakes [oceans
are more interesting ...] is just one of them).
	- Alan S. Watt (decvax!ittvax!swatt)
>From cbosg!cbosgd!mark Thu Dec 10 12:45:58 1981
To: cbosg!watmath!kgdykes
Subject: net.motorcycle
Such a newsgroup should probably be called net.cycle,
since net.motorcycle takes up all 14 characters, not
leaving anything for subgroups like net.cycle.yamaha
(the first 13 chars have to be unique).
I might follow this one myself, since I do ride a bike
during the non-frozen months of the year, but I doubt
I'd participate in helmet discussions (I wear one, period.
Flaming about it on usenet isn't likely to have any affect
on the laws, nor are most bikers likely to be the types
who read netnews - especially the militant non-helmet types.)
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