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Found at: gopher.quux.org:70/Archives/usenet-a-news/NET.bugs.4bsd

/etc/rc and ching bugs

/lib/c2 bug ( allegra.325 followup )

/lib/c2 optimized??

4.1bsd bugs

Bourne Shell bug?

Bug in Pc

Bug in panic() in sys/prf.c

Bug in quot

C Optimizer Bug

C-shell fix: too many prompts spoil the code

Caveat Hackor (cc generates bad code for int *= float)


Entry Keyword

Entry Keyword

Entry Keyword

Grep bug

Issig console messages


Making yacc tables shared in ccom

Multiplexor bugs

Pc problems

RP07 sizes table typo

Re: LOG.nnnnnn.0

Re: LOG.nnnnnn.0

Re: fp bug

Re: lock bugs and fixes

Re: savecore.c re-revisited, pstat problems

Re: ssssss segmentation faults

Re: ucf-cs.316: Rmail trouble

Re: vi "ab" command bug

Re: vt100 non-support

Refer and the me macros

Rmail trouble

Serious bug in tm.c

Tape UNSAFE error

Termcap misfeatures

Two more uucp bugs

Vax printf undocumented feature

What happened to Vgrind?

access / nami misfeature


awk bug

bug in /bin/mail

bug in lock

bug in rmail

bug in snake

bug in uucp

bug squashed in up.c

cos(0) debugged

cp(1) bug

dd(1) bug

f77, STOP, and /dev/null

fp bug

fp bug?

fp constants and the C compiler

gamma(3m) manual page

how to post 4bsd bugs


lint(1) bug

lock bugs and fixes

ls error messages

missing file descriptors

my delivermail eats messages to aliased users.

nami misfeature retraction

one or two bugs in /lib/c2

ps -k bugs

pstat.c fixes -- you asked for it!

rmail revisited


savecore.c re-revisited, pstat problems

savecore.c revisited

sigset botch

spl bugs

ssssss segmentation faults

swap space

system makefile bug

tape error

uucico segmentation fault bug

uucp bug

vi 'ab' command bug

vi encryption bug nailed

vt100 non-support