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Tue Feb  2 10:45:03 1982
New american Cars
  I am considering purchasing a new or not-much-used car. I would prefe to buy
American cars for the two big reasons that 1) It helps our economy and 2) Parts,
repairs, etc. are usually cheaper, faster and easier to get than foreign cars
(the BMW nightmare mentioned earlier in this newsgroup is a classic example--
the taillight lens on my '73 AUDI 100LS was $85). The trouble is, I really do
want a smaller economy car, and American companies are just now starting to
make them. Does anyone know anything about these cars? Specifically I am
referring to things like Chevy Citation, Dodge Omni, Ford Escort, etc.
Are these good in snow? Reliable? Flames, raves and horror stories are welcome.
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is of sufficiently general interest, to this newsgroup.
                  GREG (ucbvax!menlo70!hao!woods)
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