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Wed Jan 13 17:10:15 1982
some thoughts on word processors
With Joe's permission I am forwarding on his thoughts on the subject:
	Michael Shiloh
Personally I think you would be better off with a micro-computer
than a dedicated word processor.  You then have the ability to
do whatever you want with the machine rather than just using it as a
dedicated system.  Also, micro computers are a little
cheaper (not much), but require that the user be more sophisticated.
I'm not sure what you can get for $3,000.00.  A good printer can
cost you about $2,500, although you can get them a little cheaper.
If they are truly interested in word processing a 45ips good
printer will be essential though.
As for software, there is quite a bit available for micros
these days.  Full screen editors, text processors, spelling checkers
etc.  Also, since there are more and more 'unix-like' operating
systems on the way (check with lauren@UCLA-Security, she is about
to release one with a C-compiler fairly cheap ($230.00)).
In any case my opinion would be to go with a micro-computer (preferably
S-100 bus) a single disk drive and a good printer.  The system
could cost as much as $6000 (with software).  But it could be gotten
for much less than that, depending on manufacturer, suppliers
etc.  As I said, the one thing that kills your budget is the printer,
an NEC spinwriter is anywhere from 2500 to 3000.
I've done alot of work with micros, feel free to call on me if
you've got questions.
Joe Boykin
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