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Tue Jan  5 00:19:52 1982
Amtrak ARROW Reservations
>From menlo70!sytek!msm@Berkeley Tue Jan  5 00:19:38 1982
In the last few weeks, I have been unable to get through to the Amtrak
reservations center.  When calling the 800 number listed for California,
one receives busy signals or ringing with no answers (for as long as ten 
minutes!).  One time, after it rang for a long time, it was answered 
by a recording that simply said "All lines are busy, please call 800-xxx-yyyy."
After this it hung up!  If I didn't happen to have a pencil ready to write, I
would have missed it!  Calling that number also got nothing but ringing.
I finally made my reservation by calling a local station (San Jose) and
having the agent do it.
[Traffic note: Roomettes on the "Spirit of Calif" (California overnight
train) southbound on Friday, 15 January have been sold out since before
Two days ago, I again called the main 800 number for California for Amtrak.
To my surprise, it was answered by a human on the third ring!
That's the way it should be.  (This was on a Saturday evening).
Arrow does not currently implement waiting lists.  They tell people who can't
get space to call back daily for cancellations.
Does anyone out there have any information as to what is happening
at Amtrak Reservations?
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