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Fri Aug 28 23:17:48 1981
Information for Usenet readers
>From geoff Fri Aug 28 23:17:44 1981
Communications between the UUCP network (Usenet, UUCPnet) and the ARPAnet have
been partially automated for the POLI-SCI and TELECOM mailing lists.  If you
are reading this message, you are a UUCPnet reader of one of these lists.
If you wish to SUBMIT an article to either digest, send it to
	...!ucbvax!telecom	    or		...!ucbvax!poli-sci
You must include in the text of your letter:
(1)  Your UUCPnet mailing address from ucbvax (if a ucbvax user were to want
     to mail you a letter, what would your address be) and
(2)  Your real name and affiliation
If you (a UUCPnet user) wish to PERSONALLY RESPOND to an article in either
digest which was submitted by an ARPAnet user, send your letter to
	...!ucbvax!telecom-link		or	...!ucbvax!poli-sci-link
and include the ARPAnet recipient's network mail address at the beginning
of the letter.  [This will be intercepted on ucbvax by a real person, currently
the undersigned; communications unrelated to the mailing list will not be
If someone on the ARPAnet wishes to personally respond to an article which
you have submitted to a digest, they will do so by mailing a letter to
	CSVAX.telecom-link@Berkeley	or	CSVAX.poli-sci-link@Berkeley
and must include the UUCPnet mailing address of the intended recipient
(i.e., you) at the beginning of the letter.  [Again, this traffic will be
intercepted by a person on ucbvax, and will not be forwarded unless the
communications relates to the mailing list.]
Thank you in advance for your adherence to the protocol given above.
						Geoff Peck
					 (ARPAnet: geoff@Berkeley)
					(UUCPnet: ...!ucbvax!geoff)
				[current {telecom,poli-sci}-link coordinator]
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