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Thu Aug 27 08:44:28 1981
POLI-SCI Digest V1 #115
>From JSol@RUTGERS Thu Aug 27 08:40:40 1981
POLI-SCI AM Digest 	Thursday, 27 Aug 1981       Volume 1 : Issue 115
Today's Topics:	        Branches of Government
Date: 27 Aug 1981 1134AM-EDT
From: Jonathan Alan Solomon <JSOL AT RUTGERS>
Subject: Judicial Branch vs. Executive Branch
Hi, I thought I would revive this list by spawning some discussion on
a recent news summary article. It mentions that the President is
settling a court desegregation battle for the Louisianna school
system, and that the resolution will not force black and white schools
to merge.
My question is: I was brought up believing that it was the Supreme
Court's responsibility to settle problems brought up from the lower
courts. Why does President Reagan step in like the lone ranger and
solve everyone's problems? Doesn't the constitution prohibit such
things from happening? Did the Supreme court ASK him to step in?
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