November Version Release Server Enha

Found at: gopher.meulie.net:70/gopher/mvs/gopher.ggmvs.changes.v3r1

 November 93 - Version 3 Release 1                                              
             Server Enhancements                                                
             Support for binary files, including image files, in the            
             remote FTP gateway.  Most file types are supported for             
             the server, and the client will support some binary types,         
             although they cannot be viewed or printed well.                    
             The REXX interface has been completely redesigned.  It is          
             not compatible with the previous version, but migration            
             should be easy.  Among other things, you can now run REXX          
             execs from a non-TSO-environment server, which will allow          
             multithreading of client requests that trigger REXX execs.         
             The access file now supports wildcarding in the file name          
             specifications.  Because of this, you must stop and                
             restart the gopher server when you change the access file.         
             The rules are processed differently.                               
             Additional logging (via write-to-programmer) in a mode             
             compatible with the format produced by the U of Minn               
             gopher daemon.                                                     
             Rudimentary support for gopher+ has been added on an               
             experimental basis.  Do not rely on this, because it is            
             not complete by any means.                                         
             Client Enhancements                                                
             Printing allows destination in the form nodename.userid.           
             INITFILE keyword added for a differently named GOPHERRC.           
 07 Aug 93 - Version 2 Release 2                                                
             Remote FTP Gateway                                                 
             Enhanced CSO client option                                         
             Configurable GOPHERRC: domain and telnet may be specified          
             Object-code-only distribution for those without C compilers        
             Improvements to TSO GOPHER exec for users without XPROC            
              or without C runtime in linklist                                  
             DD:ddname(member) works now for nested PDS member                  
              references, making installing the ABOUT PDS simpler               
             "E" and "P" work without "S" having to be done first               
 20 Mar 93 - Version 2 Release 1                                                
             Improved browse function                                           
             Printing support                                                   
             Bookmark support                                                   
             New commands: PRT, INFO, MENU, BOOKMARK                            
             Configurable startup parameter file                                
             Ability to run multiple servers on same MVS                        
 07 Dec 92 - Customizations to support SNS/TCPAccess                            
 19 Oct 92 - Improvements in initial startup and GOPHERRC customization