Aug Version Release Remote FTP Gate

Found at: gopher.meulie.net:70/gopher/mvs/gopher.ggmvs.changes.v2r2

 07 Aug 93 - Version 2 Release 2                                                
             Remote FTP Gateway                                                 
             Enhanced CSO client option                                         
             Configurable GOPHERRC: domain and telnet may be specified          
             Object-code-only distribution for those without C compilers        
             Improvements to TSO GOPHER exec for users without XPROC            
              or without C runtime in linklist                                  
             DD:ddname(member) works now for nested PDS member                  
              references, making installing the ABOUT PDS simpler               
             "E" and "P" work without "S" having to be done first               
 20 Mar 93 - Version 2 Release 1                                                
             Improved browse function                                           
             Printing support                                                   
             Bookmark support                                                   
             New commands: PRT, INFO, MENU, BOOKMARK                            
             Configurable startup parameter file                                
             Ability to run multiple servers on same MVS                        
 07 Dec 92 - Customizations to support SNS/TCPAccess                            
 19 Oct 92 - Improvements in initial startup and GOPHERRC customization