Gopher Surfer will only work with

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January 12, 1995

Gopher Surfer 1.1b1 will only work with AppleSearch version 1.5 or

Here is a short blurb about GopherSurfer & AppleSearch.  Followed
by some setup instructions so those who have AppleSearch can try it

AppleSearch is a commercial product of Apple Computer Co, Inc.

Macintosh Gopher+ server with full-text search capability

The University of Minnesota Gopher Development team is pleased to announce 
a new version of the Macintosh Gopher Surfer application (version 1.1b1). 

Gopher Surfer is a Gopher+ server that runs under the Macintosh operating 
Gopher server to publish information in gopherspace. 

This is an updated version of Gopher Surfer that works with Apple
Computer's AppleSearch software to provide full-text search capabilities
for Mac-based Gopher servers. This means that there is an alternative to 
Unix or take advantage of the setup and administration utilities that Apple
ncludes as part of AppleSearch. If you are already running an AppleSearch
the information on the AppleSearch server accessible to non-Macintosh

How it works
Gopher Surfer acts as both a Gopher document server and a gateway to translate 
between AppleSearch's client-server protocol and the Internet Gopher protocol . 
To do this, Gopher Surfer acts as an AppleSearch client. When you tell Gopher 
Surfer to run with AppleSearch, you make a PPC connection to either a local or 
to the AppleSearch server you can either run the AppleSearch software on the 
AppleSearch software via an AppleTalk network. Note that AppleSearch is 

Other Features
Gopher Surfer supports Gopher+ features such as electronic forms and alternate 
link editor and preview mode that you can easily reference items on other 

This is a beta-test version of Gopher Surfer. Please e-mail bug reports, 
comments, or even compliments to <gopher@boombox.micro.umn.edu>



    Those are the AppleSearch limitations, not mine.  :-)

    the GopherSurfer application running on it.

    NOTE:  The AppleSearch server and the GopherSurfer applications do not
    need to be running on the same macintosh.

    on the same computer skip to #4.

    If you have AppleSearch server running on a different computer there
    are some things that must be set up correctly.  They are:

    a.  The AppleSearch server machine must have File Sharing & Program
        Linking turned on.  Do this in the Sharing Setup Control Panel.

    b.  I strongly recommend you set up a specific account for the
        GopherSurfer application.  Then it is easy to check if the
        GopherSurfer is currently connected.  Do this in the
        Users & Group Control Panel.

    c.  The Information server up by AppleSearch server will be present
        in folders on the AppleSearch server machine.  For instance, on my
        computer I have two folders named 'AppleSearch Indexes' &
        'AppleSearch Information Sources'.

        These names are determined when you set up the raw data files and
        index them.

        NOTE:  You must allow the username you set up permission to see
        the Data folder (and its contents) & the Index folder (and its

    'Other Preferences' menu in the Configuration window.  Choose
    'AppleSearch Configuration' from this menu.  Now click on the
    'Select' button to choose an AppleSearch server to utilize.  This
    will bring up the Program Linking dialog.  It looks remarkably like
    the Chooser.

    There are 3 boxes in the window.  Top left shows any Macintoshes
    allowing Program-to-Program Communication in the currently selected
    zone.  Bottom left shows the zones on your AppleTalk network.
    Top right shows the programs available on the currently selected machine.

    Select the AppleTalk zone containing the machine running an AppleSearch
    server.  Then select the name of the Macintosh you wish to connect to.
    Then select AppleSearch server.  Now click on the OK button.

    This selects which AppleSearch server to use.  Now we must enter the username
    and password for connecting to this AppleSearch server.  So click on the
    'Auto Connect on startup' checkbox.  This will prompt you to enter a username
    and password.
    If the AppleSearch server you are connecting to is the same machine running
    GopherSurfer leave both fields blank.  Otherwise enter the username
    & password you created/setup in step 3.
    NOTE:  Re-read 3c if the AppleSearch server and the GopherSurfer
    applications are not running on the same machine.  It is possible
    to successfully log in but still not have access to the data because
    you have not set the permissions correctly on the folders where the
    data & Index files reside.

    show an 'X' in the checkbox.  Otherwise check your username/password
    combination to be sure it is correct.

    connecting to your server do the following.
    a.  Choose 'Preview Gopher Tree' from the Gopher menu.  Navigate to
    the location/directory to contain the search engine.  Now choose
    'Place AppleSearch Database' from the 'Gopher' menu.
    This prompts you to select the database you are placing.  Also to enter
    a user visible title for clients to see.

This is a beta-test version of Gopher Surfer. Please e-mail bug reports, 
comments, questions, or even compliments to <gopher@boombox.micro.umn.edu>

Dave Johnson
Gopher Development Team
University of Minnesota