versions of internet Gopher clients

Found at: gopher.meulie.net:70/gopher/00README

versions of internet Gopher clients and servers. 
Unfortunately, there is minimal documentation for the

The internet Gopher uses a simple client/server protocol
that can be used to publish and search for information held
on a distributed network of hosts. Gopher clients
or more words. Since the index server does full-text searches
every word in every document is a keyword.

your own gopher server you should configure the client to
talk to "gopher.micro.umn.edu" at port 70. This will 
allow you to explore the distributed network of gopher
Unix client by telneting to consultant.micro.umn.edu and
logging in as "gopher".

appear in the list of "other gophers" at gopher.micro.umn.edu
your gopher to the list of gophers.

Bug reports, comments, suggestions, etc. should be e-mailed to
the Gopher development team at: