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EFFector Online Volume 08 No. 21       Dec 11, 1995        editors@eff.org
A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation        ISSN 1062-9424

ALERT: SF Anti-Censorship Rally Rescheduled
[Newsbytes skipped again, due to urgency of lead article] 
Upcoming Events
Quote of the Day
What YOU Can Do

* See http://www.eff.org/Alerts/ or ftp.eff.org, /pub/Alerts/ for more
nformation on current EFF activities and online activism alerts! *


Subject: ALERT: SF Anti-Censorship Rally Rescheduled

[Apologies to members who are not in the area of the rally. Hopefully 
you'll find this of interest anyway - and consider organizing concurrent 


Due to severe inclement weather here in San Francisco, today's Rally
Against Censorship has been POSTPONED until THURSDAY, December 14.

An updated rally announcement follows.  Once again, please spread the word,
and many thanks for all your support.


Amendment I: "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of


the House Conference Committee on Telecommunications Reform approved a
the Net and online media will become the most heavily regulated media in
the United States. They *will not* enjoy the First Amendment freedoms now
afforded to print media. Instead, online publishers and users will be held
to a vague and patently un-Constitutional "indecency" standard. "Violators"

media, and telecommunications communities are invited to participate in a
(which is not even connected to the Internet!) are attempting to destroy
our First Amendment rights in cyberspace, and directly attack our

Help stop the demagogues in Washington! There is nothing "decent" about

WHEN: Thursday, December 14, 1995  12:00 - 1:00 PM

WHERE: South Park (between 2nd and 3rd, Bryant and Brannan) San Francisco.
       (In the event of rain, an indoor location will be announced)

SPEAKERS:Mike Godwin, EFF; Jane Metcalfe, WIRED Magazine; John Gilmore,
co-founder, EFF; Denise Caruso, New York Times columnist; Jim Warren,
online activist; Howard Rheingold, author; Dave Winer, essayist and
Steuer, CEO, Cyborganic Corp.

BRING: Attention-grabbing posters, signs, and banners that demonstrate your
committment to free speech and expression, and your feelings about

FOR UPDATED INFORMATION: http://www.hotwired.com/staff/digaman

(Although this event is being organized in the offices of Wired magazine
and HotWired, we are *actively* seeking participation and support from all
members of the local community. Please forward this message to anyone you
think should attend, and to all relevant news groups.)

CONTACT: Todd Lappin -- 415-222-6241 -- protest@wired.com


Subject: Upcoming events

This schedule lists events that are directly EFF-related. A much more 

ftp: ftp.eff.org, /pub/EFF/calendar.eff

Dec. 12 * National Day of Internet Protest against net censorship legislation
          URL: http://www.eff.org/pub/Alerts/s652_hr1555.alert

Dec. 14 * Rally Against Internet Censorship, 12noon-1pm, South Park, San 
          Francisco Calif.  Help stop the demagogues in Washington! There 
          is nothing "decent" about denying free speech to us, our 
          children, and our children's children. Preserve our 
          Constitutional rights! Join us!  Speakers to include EFF staff 
          counsel Mike Godwin, EFF co-founder John Gilmore, Jim Warren 
          (GovAccess), Howard Rheingold (_Virtual_Community_ author), Dave
          Winer (essayist), CPSR exec. dir. Audrie Krause, Jonathan Steuer
          (Cyborganic Corp. CEO), and EFF boardmembers emeritus Denise 
          Caruso (_New_York_Times_) and Jane Metcalfe (_Wired_).
          Contact: Todd Lappin, +1 415 222 6241 (voice - please see URL first)
          Email: protest@wired.com
          URL: http://www.hotwired.com/staff/digaman

Jan. 17-
     18 * Innovation Now; Oregon Convention Center, Portland Oregon.
          Sponsored by American Electronics Association's Oregon Council,
          et al.  Speakers include EFF chair of the board Esther Dyson.
          URL: http://www.innovationnow.org/


Subject: Quote of the Day

"Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And,
like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master"
  - George Washington, first US President

Find yourself wondering if your privacy and freedom of speech are safe 
the rush to make us secure from ourselves that our government 
Concerned that legislative efforts nominally to "protect children" will 
actually censor all communications down to only content suitable for 
the playground?  Alarmed by commercial and religious organizations abusing
ntellectual property law to stifle satire, dissent and criticism?

Join EFF!

Even if you don't live in the U.S., the anti-Internet hysteria will soon 
be visiting a legislative body near you.  If it hasn't already.


Subject: What YOU Can Do

* The Communications Decency Act & Other Censorship Legislation

The Communications Decency Act and similar legislation pose serious 
threats to freedom of expression online, and to the livelihoods of system 
operators.  The legislation also undermines several crucial privacy 

Business/industry persons concerned should alert their corporate govt.
affairs office and/or legal counsel.  Everyone should write to their own
Representatives and Senators, and especially the conference committee 
members, asking them to oppose Internet censorship legislation, and 
approaches of Leahy, Klink, Cox and Wyden, and to oppose the 
unconstitutional proposals of Exon, Gorton and others.  Urge them to 
accept Whyte's demands that system operators not be held liable for 
crimes they did not commit, that the FCC be barred from regulating the 
"obscenity" or "harmful to minors" statute, and condemn any unconstitutional 
national indecency standard. See the lead article in this newsletter for 
nfo on what else you can do.

For more information on what you can do to help stop this and other 

ftp.eff.org, /pub/Alerts/

for information to ask@eff.org.

* Digital Telephony/Comms. Assistance to Law Enforcement Act

The FBI is now seeking both funding for the DT/CALEA wiretapping provisions,
and preparing to require that staggering numbers of citizens be 

To oppose the funding, write to your own Senators and Representatives 
urging them to vote against any appropriations for wiretapping. 
To oppose the FBI's wiretapping capacity demands, see the FBI Federal 
Register notice at the end of the second article in this newsletter, which
contains instructions on how to submit formal comments on the ludicrous 
and dangerous proposal.

* Anti-Terrorism Bills

Numerous bills threatening your privacy and free speech have been introduced
this year.  None of them are close to passage at this very moment, but 
this status may change. Urge your Congresspersons to oppose these 
unconstitutional and Big-Brotherish bills.

* The Anti-Electronic Racketeering Act

This bill is unlikely to pass in any form, being very poorly drafted, and 
flying colors [the jolly roger?] in the Senate. It's better to be safe 
than sorry. If you have a few moments to spare, writing to, faxing, or 
calling your Congresspersons to urge opposition to this bill is a good 
dea. If you only have time to do limited activism, please concentrate
on the Internet censorship legislation instead. That legislation is far more 
mminent that the AERA.

* Medical Privacy legislation

Several bills relating to medical privacy issues are floating in Congress 
enhance the medical privacy of citizens.

More information on this legislation will be available at 
t appear there faster. :)

* Find Out Who Your Congresspersons Are

Writing letters to, faxing, and phoning your representatives in Congress
s one very important strategy of activism, and an essential way of
making sure YOUR voice is heard on vital issues.

EFF has lists of the Senate and House with contact information, as well
as lists of Congressional committees. (A House list is included in this
ssue of EFFector). These lists are available at:
ftp.eff.org, /pub/Activism/Congress_cmtes/

The full Senate and House lists are senate.list and hr.list, respectively.
Those not in the U.S. should seek out similar information about their
own legislative bodies.  EFF will be happy to archive any such
nformation provided.

try contacting your local League of Women Voters, who maintain a great 
that matches Zip Codes to Congressional districts with about 85%
accuracy at:

* Join EFF!

You *know* privacy, freedom of speech and ability to make your voice heard
n government are important. You have probably participated in our online
campaigns and forums.  Have you become a member of EFF yet?  The best way to
opinions heard.  EFF members are informed and are making a difference.  Join
EFF today!

For EFF membership info, send queries to membership@eff.org, or send any
message to info@eff.org for basic EFF info, and a membership form.



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