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EFFector Online Volume 6 No. 4       10/29/1993      editors@eff.org
A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation   ISSN 1062-9424

Markey Applauds Initiative to Put SEC Corporate Filings on Internet
Commerce Dept.'s Economic Bulleting Board on the Internet
First European Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy
Extenisve Govt. Fax/Email Gateways Provided in Canada


Subject: Markey Applauds Initiative to Put SEC Corporate Filings on Internet

WASHINGTON -- Representative Edward J. Markey (D-MA), Chairman of
the House Telecommunications and Finance Subcommittee, today
applauded the National Science Foundation's decision to fund a
available through the Internet computer network.  The project
Data Gathering and Retrieval (EDGAR) system and make them
available electronically, where they can be accessed by the

"This project will launch EDGAR right into cyberspace," said Rep.
Markey, who explained that, "Soon, the public will be able to
obtain low-cost electronic access to a mother lode of
nformation, including registration statements, and annual and

Rep. Markey said, "This pilot project may help to demonstrate new
and more efficient ways of making large government databases
available to the public over the information superhighway."

"It can potentially benefit investors seeking access to current
nformation about companies, economists and other researchers
nterested in corporate trends and developments, journalists
covering the business beat, and other individuals or public
nterest groups interested in understanding what is going on in
corporate America."

Since the early 1980's, the SEC has been developing the EDGAR
analysis of the more than 10 million pages of disclosure
nformation annually submitted by public companies.

earlier this week for about 500 large corporations and investment
companies.  Another 1,200 companies were required to use the
year.  Eventually, all 15,000 SEC-registered companies will be

As the EDGAR program has moved towards operational status, many
of public access to EDGAR information under the SEC's current
nformation vendor, who sells EDGAR at a regulated wholesale
Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance, which has
telecommunications policy, has been examining the adequacy of
this dissemination strategy.

announced two steps aimed at offering the public greater access
to corporate filings submitted through its Electronic Data
Gathering Analysis and Retrieval (EDGAR) system, including
the same time, the SEC expressed technical and cost concerns
EDGAR data.

Authorization Bill (H.R. 2239), which earlier was reported by the
Subcommittee and the full Energy and Commerce Committee.  The
Committee report accompanying the bill expressed support for
nitiatives aimed at making EDGAR data available over the

     The Committee agrees that there exists a need for a
     broad-based government policy on information
     dissemination, and it also believes that it would be
     unacceptable if time- and cost-efficient access to
     Commission filings in electronic form were denied to
     significant groups of market participants and other
     interested parties because of a failure of the existing
     dissemination approach to meet their needs.

The Committee noted that the prospects for a significant retail
market for EDGAR data developing "are at present uncertain" and
that therefore, "a pilot project aimed at providing EDGAR data to
the university research community and other interested persons
over the Internet ... may prove to be a useful supplement to the
current dissemination strategy, which will continue to rely on

Rep. Markey concluded, "I want to commend the National Science
Foundation for their leadership in taking the initiative to
University Stern School of Business and the Internet Multicasting
Service are performing an invaluable public service in agreeing
to investigate ways of making EDGAR data available over the
mportant project."


According to Carl Malamud of the Internet Multicasting Service, EDGAR
copy of the press release, and info on how to get updates on the EDGAR


Subject: Commerce Dept.'s Economic Bulletin Board on the Internet

The Commerce Department's Economic Bulletin Board (EBB) will be accessible
through the Internet without charge between July 26, 1993 until September 30,
To access the EBB, telnet to EBB.STAT-USA.GOV and login as TRIAL; no password
s required.

The EBB is a one-stop source for current information from the Department of
Commerce, Department of Labor, Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve Board,
and many others federal agencies.  Over 2,000 files covering topics such as
monetary indicators, and regional statistics, are available.

You can search for files among the following general topics:

 Summaries of Current Economic Conditions    U.S. Treasury Auction Results
 National Income and Product Accounts        Regional Economic Statistics
 Major Economic Indicators                   Energy Data
 Price and productivity Data                 Daily Trade Opportunities (TOPS)
 Foreign Trade Data                          International Market Insights
 Industry Sector Analysis                    Current Business Statistics
 Industry Statistics                         Fiscal and Monetary Policy Data
 U.S. Trade Representative Press Releases    Employment data
 Bureau of Export Administration Notices     Special Studies and Reports

For more information, please call (202) 482-1986 or send E-mail to


Subject: First European Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy


The New Cavendish Club
London, England

Organised by ECFP Ventures Limited

Co-operating organisations :
  The Libertarian Alliance
  Privacy International, UK
  UK Cryptoprivacy Association


The widespread use of computers and 
communication systems has brought considerable 
benefits to our business and personal lives and will 
continue to change and shape the way in which we 
live. However, with those benefits come unprecedented 
threats to our personal privacy and potential for abuse.

A variety of different models for protection of 
ndividual privacy in the electronic age have been
action through the use of strong cryptography. 
However, these solutions bring with them their own 
class of problems, including excessive state 
nvolvement in private matters and the frustration of
law enforcement and national security objectives.

The First European Conference on Computers, 
Freedom and Privacy will both provide an introduction 
to these issues and the technological developments 
that drive them, and examine different ways in which 
ndividual rights can be guaranteed. These questions
are central to the preservation of a free society in the 

John M. Brimacombe
Conference Chair


John Gilmore
Email: gnu@cygnus.com


John Brimacombe (Chairman)
Email: john@mantis.co.uk

Simon Davies
Email: davies@privint.demon.co.uk

Tom Burroughes
Email: tom@reptile.demon.co.uk (after 10 October 1993)

David Chaum
Email: chaum@digicash.nl

Duncan Frissell
Email: frissell@panix.com

Elaine Fletcher

Chris Tame

Russell Whitaker
Email: whitaker@eternity.demon.co.uk


   Student                         10.00  ($16.00 U.S.)
   Normal                          17.50  ($28.00 U.S.)
     Normal before 1 Nov 93:       15.00  ($24.00 U.S.)
   Press                           (Contact for arrangements)

You may pre-order copies of transcripts of the proceedings,

Video and audio recordings will be made of the conference, in
ts entirety.  No pre-sales will be made; tapes go on sale in
December 93/January 94.

For more detailed information, contact:

   16 Circus Road
   MM Box 8593
   London  NW8 6PG

   ecfp-1st@eternity.demon.co.uk  (Email)
   +44 81-812-2661  (Manned message service; quick response)

Note: this is a shortened form of the conference announcement.  The full text,
etc., is available as /pub/EFF/Temp/Confs/cfp1.uk, by anonymous ftp to


Subject: Extensive Govt. Fax/Email Gateways Provided in Canada

Digital Chicken is pleased to announce a new fax/email gateway
for City and Metropolitan Toronto Politicians, Greater Toronto
Members of Parliament, Hospitals, Ontario Government ministries,
churches, etc. etc.

As many of you know, we have a funny mailing address, and since
our node is still unregistered (registration Nov. 5th - we hope)
n order to take advantage of this gateway you must address your
email as follows.


listed below for the organization or individual you want to

fax telephone number or/and address so that the individuals /
organizations listed can reply to you.  I hope you enjoy the

Name/Individual/Organizations   User I.D.       Fax Number
June Rowlands, Mayor Toronto    rowlands        416-392-0026
Green Party of Canada           green           613-232-3081
Chief McCormack                 mccormac        416-324-6026
Metro Toronto Police
  General                       metcop          416-324-0695
  Public Complaints Bureau      metcopcb        416-324-0551
  Board of Commissioners        metcopbr        416-324-0693
Ontario Police Public
  Complaints Commissioner       copcomp         416-325-4704
Minister of Health              onthlth         416-326-1571
Minister of Finance             ontfin          416-326-9096
Ombudsman of Ontario            ombud           416-586-3485
Chief Electoral Officer
  of Ontario                    elect           416-321-6853
York Regional Police            yorkcop         905-853-5810
Ontario Provincial Police       opp             705-329-6195
Halton Regional Police          haltcop         416-825-9416
Minister of Agriculture & Food  ontagri         416-326-3083
Ontario Film Review Board       ontfilm         416-314-3632
Minister of Transportation      onttrans        416-327-9185
Town of Ajax                    ajax            905-686-8352
Town of Oakville                oakville        905-815-2025
City of Mississauga             mississ         905-896-5575
City of Toronto                 toronto         416-392-1446
City of Etobicoke               etobicok        416-394-8895
Borough of East York            eastyork        416-778-9134
City of North York              noryork         416-395-7337
City of York                    york            416-394-2803
City of Brampton                brampton        905-874-1119
Minister of Economic Trade
  & Development                 ontecdev        416-325-6918
Minister of Labour              ontlabor        416-326-1449
Solicitor General and Minister
  of Correctional Service       ontsolg         416-326-5085
Attorney General                ontatg          416-326-4016
Minister of Natural Resources   ontnatur        416-314-2159
Minister of Citizenship         ontcitiz        416-314-0022
Minister of Consumer and
  Corporate Relations           ontcons         416-326-5820
Minister of Community and
  Social Services               ontsoc          416-325-5221
Minister of Education           ontedu          416-325-2608
Minister of Environment         ontenvir        416-323-4682
Minister of Housing             onthouse        416-585-6935
Ontario Human Rights
  Commission                    onthumrt        416-314-4533
Canadian Human Rights
  Commission                    canhumrt        416-973-6184
MPP Don Mills                   donmills        416-696-0181
MPP Oakville-South              oaksouth        905-842-0332
MPP Fort York                   fortyork        416-363-0835
MPP Lake Nipigon                nipigon         416-327-0968
MPP Dovercourt                  overcou         416-653-1054
MPP Etobicoke-West              etobwest        416-695-1222
MPP Mississauga-South           misssth         416-278-1525
MPP Oriole                      oriole          416-494-2440
MPP Downsview                   dwnsview        416-740-2474
MPP Eglinton                    eglinton        416-482-2776
MPP Etobicoke-Lakeshore         etoblake        416-259-3704
MPP Beaches-Woodbine            beachwd         416-421-3741
MPP Oakwood                     oakwood         416-781-4116
MPP Etobicoke-Humber            etohumb         416-233-4321
MPP High Park-Swansea           highpark        416-762-4499
MPP Lawrence                    lawrence        416-785-4524
MPP Mississauga-North           missnor         416-826-4553
MPP Mississauga-West            misswest        416-566-5264
MPP Etobicoke-Rexdale           etobrex         416-745-5670
MPP Mississauga-East            misseast        416-276-6933
MPP Brampton-North              bramnor         416-840-7845
MPP Durham-West                 durwest         416-683-8643
Ministry of Northern
  Development & Mines           northern        416-327-0665
Ministry of Culture, Recreation
  and Tourism                   tourism         416-325-6195
  Commissioner/Ontario          ipcont          416-325-9195
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of
  Toronto                       romantor        416-977-6063
Anglican Church of Canada       anglican        416-968-7983
United Church of Canada         united          416-925-3394
Bahai' Faith Toronto            bahaitor        416-889-8184
Letters to the editor
  Toronto Star                  torstar         416-869-4322
  Globe and Mail                globe           416-585-5085
  Toronto Sun                   torsun          416-947-3228
  Now Magazine                  now             416-461-2886
  Xtra!                         xtra            416-925-6674
  Eye Weekly                    eye             416-971-7786
City Councillors
City of Toronto - Councillors   council         416-392-1050
Chairman, Metro Toronto
  Council                       chairman        416-392-3799
The Hospital for Sick Children  sickkids        416-813-7161
The Toronto Hospital            torhosp         416-340-5888
Addiction Research Foundation   addict          416-595-5017
Donwood Institute               donwood         416-425-7896
Casey House (AIDS hospice)      casey           416-962-5147
Humber Memorial Hospital        humber          416-249-1312
Oakville Trafalgar Memorial
  Hospital                      trafalg         416-338-4636
Orthopaedic/Arthritic Hospital  ortharth        416-967-8593
Sunnybrook Health Science
  Centre                        sunny           416-480-4588
Doctor's Hospital               doctors         416-923-1370
Central Hospital                central         416-969-4183
Wellesley Hospital              wellesly        416-926-4874
North York Gen.Hospital         nyghosp         416-756-6384
Etobicoke Gen.Hospital          eghosp          416-747-8608
York-Finch Gen.Hospital         yfghosp         416-747-3883
Bloorview Children's Hospital   blrview         416-494-9985
Hugh McMillan Rehabilitation
  Centre                        hughrhb         416-425-6591
St. Michael's Hospital          stmike          416-864-5669
St. Joseph's Health
  Centre (Toronto)              stjoetor        416-530-6346
Queensway Gen.Hospital          queens          416-253-0111
North York Branson Hospital     branson         416-635-2537
Toronto East General &
  Orthopaedic Hospital, Inc.    tegh            416-469-6106
Scarborough Centenary Health
  Centre                        scarcent        416-281-7323
Scarborough Grace General
  Hospital                      scargrac        416-495-2631
Scarborough General Hospital    scargen         416-438-9318
Grace Hospital, Toronto         gracetor        416-925-3211
Northwestern General Hospital   nwestgen        416-658-2192
Mount Sinai Hospital            mtsinai         416-586-8787
Women's College Hospital        womens          416-323-7314
Lyndhurst Hospital              lyndhrst        416-422-5216
Ajax-Pickering General
  Hospital                      ajaxpick        416-683-1262
Mississauga General Hospital    missgen         416-848-7139
Credit Valley Hospital          credit          416-820-0020
Queen Street Mental Health
  Centre                        queenst         416-583-4307
Clarke Institute of Psychiatry  clarke          416-979-5679
Markham-Stouffville Hospital    mrkstouf        416-472-7086
Shouldice Hernia Surgery        shouldic        416-889-4216
Toronto Transit Commission      ttc             416-485-9394
Toronto Public Library          torlib          416-393-7782
Etobicoke Public Library        etoblib         416-394-5050
Scarborough Public Library      scarlib         416-396-8808
Brampton Public Library         bramlib         905-799-0806
Mississauga Public Library      misslib         905-615-3615
City of York Public Library     yorklib         416-394-2781
East York Public Library        eylib           416-396-3812
North York Public Library       nylib           416-395-5542
Metro Toronto Reference
  Library                       referenc        416-393-7229
East York Board of Education    eyedu           416-465-2237
Etobicoke Board of Education    etobedu         416-394-3803
Metro Toronto Roman Catholic
  Separate School Board         rcssbedu        416-229-5345
North York Board of Education   nyedu           416-395-8210
Scarborough Board of Education  scarbedu        416-396-4856
Toronto Board of Education      toredu          416-393-9969
York Board of Education         yorkedu         416-727-3984
CityTV                          citytv          416-593-6397
CFMT TV                         cfmttv          416-265-0509
CFTO TV                         cftotv          416-299-2273
Canadian Broadcasting
  Corporation (CBC)             cbc             416-963-9036
Global Television Network       global          416-446-5371
CTV Television Network          ctv             416-928-0907
Beaches-Metro News              beachmet        416-698-1253
Ontario Legal Aid Plan          olap            416-979-8669
Ontario Legal Aid Plan
  Scarborough Area              olapscar        416-750-7184
Fire Departments
  City of Toronto               torfire         416-392-0161
  City of Scarborough           scarfire        416-396-7765
  City of North York            nyfire          416-395-7286
  City of Etobicoke             etobfire        416-394-8589
  City of York                  yorkfire        416-394-2764
  Borough of East York          eyfire          416-396-3757
  Town of Ajax                  ajaxfire        905-683-8119
  City of Brampton              bramfire        905-874-2727
  City of Mississauga           missfire        905-615-3756
Ambulance Services
  Metro Toronto                 ambulanc        416-392-2008
Art Gallery of Ontario          artont          416-979-6646
New Democratic Party of Canada  ndpcan          613-996-9584
Canadian Federal Immigration
  and Refugee Board             immrefbr        416-954-1165
Government of Canada
  Minister of Health & Welfare  health          613-952-7746
  Minister of the Environment   environ         819-953-3457
  Minister of Transportation    transpor        613-995-0327
  Minister of Fisheries/Oceans  fisherie        613-990-7292
  Minister of Labour            labour          819-953-3419
  Minister of Supply & Service  supply          819-953-1908
  Minister of National Revenue  revenue         613-952-6608
  Minister of Agriculture       agricult        613-996-9219
  Minister of Consumer and
   Corporate Affairs            consumer        819-953-4930
Toronto Blue Jays               bluejays        416-341-1250
Toronto Maple Leafs             leafs           416-977-5364

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